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For Lixian Lisa Teng, expression through Fashion Graphic Illustration is the most enjoyable process in the realm of creativity, mainly because it exposes the inspirational intent of the designer through familiar figures. The above illustration, was one of the nearly 1000 images that made it into Martin Dawber’s Big Book of Fashion Illustration, a bible for Fashion Illustrators and Graphic Designers.

“Originally, the illustration started off as an experiment for the figure I was working on. During the experiment, I started thinking of a relative of mine who is known to keep herself up with trends without affecting her dynamic personality. I’ve captured her persona through the energetic strokes of the figure and the contrast of the color tones. The color contrasts show that you don’t need vibrant colors to express how lively she is. The illustration also shows the style she would emerge in if she were to fully express her personality.”



LiXian Lisa Teng recently graduated from the Domus Academy in Milan with a Masters in Fashion Design. Before that she obtained a degree in Fashion Design from the Raffles Design Institute and a BA Honours in Fashion Design from NAFA.

“Over the years, I developed my illustration skills by combining different methods of drawing,” Lisa explains. “Digital illustrations weren’t encouraged until I met Martin Dawber, author of the Big Book of Fashion Illustrations. He saw my illustrations during my final project examination at NAFA, and decided to feature my work in the current edition of the Big Book. Right now, I would like to gain more experience in the fashion industry, eventually open my own atelier and continue to illustrate, as it is an important form of expression.”



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