Spotted! Joeel Lee


Joeel Lee has been a full-time illustrator since 2000, but prefers to stay low profile. Staying focused and fearless is his motto.

“I love drawing and storytelling and there is always a short story behind my artwork, mostly stories about life.” Joeel says. “I am not afraid of making mistakes, and I am constantly looking for new ways to present my work, which has helped me to become the versatile artist which I am today. My clients range from advertising to digital media companies.”

The featured painting was part of the recent Mood Swings exhibition at the Arts House, showcasing a series of mixed medium artworks of different human expressions.

“I spotted this teenage boy who was feeling lonely and dejected by the people on the street.” Joeel explains. “He shouted and screamed for attention, but not even his loved ones cared about him. To them he is ugly and useless … where on earth does this kid belong … nobody cares. One day he finds a toy gun on the floor and he happily waves it around. A police car drives by and thinks the kid is carrying a real gun, so they fire at him. The boy was lying on the ground motionless, at which point people started to take notice of him.”



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