The Life of Mann


Last Friday, I bumped into Josef Lee at the opening of Foon Foono’s solo exhibit, and we started talking about The Life Of Mann, a global online collaboration in creative storytelling. I had no idea that Josef was the driving force behind the comic series, so the very next morning, I sneaked a peak at the site, read all the way through the thirteen chapters and really enjoyed it.

The project is a collection of five-page stories that revolve around the main character, Mann. The first five pages –Chapter 1– were cranked out by Josef. Then a different artist picked up where Josef left off and continued the story. No one knows how the story will end. Each contributor must continue from where the other has left off. Today, there are already thirteen chapters, with a total of 65 pages by guest artists and writers from countries like Singapore, India, Austria, US, Sweden and Brazil.

Josef about his project: “I started off the story with Mann stranded on an island, with no memories of his past. He met someone who claimed to be his Guardian Angel and had just saved him from death. From that point onwards, Mann has traveled from the island to hell, then heaven, and the upcoming chapters will see him being stuck in limbo and trying to figure out the next destination. This project is fun because I gave absolute freedom to the contributing artists so even I will have no say in how the story continues. So long as the story can flow on logically from the previous chapter, basically anything goes.”

You can email Josef to volunteer as an artist or writer on the project.



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