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Born in 1986, Josephine Xie graduated from LaSalle-SIA College Of The Arts with a Diploma in Fashion Design. About her Autumn/Winter 07-08 collection, Josephine says, ” I move with the minority, dominated by the right. I choose to live in my own world, second out by the norm. I hate routines and I make things that have no sense. I love my messy room and I never like cleaning up. I love pictures and I’m horrible with words. I’m good at misplacing things and I never remember why. I don’t define luxury by money or cars. I love roller coasters but I hate rules. I saved anything I think I might use one day and I love to pile.”

Josephine’s is putting the finishing touches to her Spring/Summer 08-09 collection, which will be available late October. “We are often confined into a space created by ourselves,” she explains. “When tempt provoked, where do we stand? My collection questions the being of human forms as opposed to what we have already created for ourselves. Men are women. Women are men. When it’s homeostatic, where is the difference?”

Utter Designs are available from Front Row, Level3.



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