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If Pamm could have it her way, she would crochet the world into a simple, quiet, noisy, yarned poppy flower; always mixing realities …

Pamm recently created a stop motion animation for her Degree in Graphic Communication at NAFA under Loughborough University School of Art & Design (LUSAD). During a ride on the London Tube, she noticed the stark differences in the amount of interaction between people, as opposed to the loss of connection between the people on the underground back home.

“My cultural observation made me want to find out how I could better this situation or make use of my finding by broadcasting it in a tiny way, encouraging the notion of thinking about talking again.” Pamm explains. “Nothing, we’re just talking is a make believe transit of pretend conversations over scenes that have grown to be insignificant; drawing a parallel to the theory of an anti-social society. Incorporating intent to realize mixing aspects through typography, illustration, sound and photography, among other components.”



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