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‘Shake’ is Kenneth Tay’s eco-friendly take on mp3 players of the future: Shake to Charge, Shake to Play.

Kenneth explains, “The action of shaking the player to play or charge is similar to shaking a pocket watch to wind it. The similar semantics provide an interesting yet familiar experience of giving life to an electronic device. My intention was to relate technology with something that we are familiar with, in this case a pocket watch, coming up with something for the future. The concept was developed based on the language of a pocket watch, not only through the operation of shaking but also visually, using the form from an established typology, creating comfort in familiarity. The player can be charged by shaking when the hold function is on. With hold off, the user shakes the player for play/pause. “



Born in 1989, Kenneth Tay is currently a final year Product & Industrial Design student at the Temasek School of Design. Though still relatively young in design, Kenneth has traveled to Japan and Mexico, gaining valuable experience through learning and working on an international platform.

Says Kenneth, “There’s a search to find a deeper meaning in design, something based on the philosophy that design is there to create a positive impact on life. I’ve altered my focus of design to one that comes as a result of observing scenarios, environments, behaviours and people, integrating and blending them in perfect harmony with aesthetics that remove the element of candy coating and gimmickry, providing the user with design in its pure nature. Pure in a way that serves its function and serves it well, void of elements unrelated to the task.”



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