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23-year old Timothy Lee obtained his Diploma in Fashion Design from LaSalle-SIA College Of The Arts.

This is the story behind his Autumn/Winter 07-08 collection (above). “I once met a girl who lived in a refrigerator. She told me her name was “Refrigerator Girl”. She explained that it was constantly cold in the ice-box, like a continuous winter, but she liked it that way. She often played pretend, imagining she was of Inuit Eskimo lineage. And amongst others things (like tasting the different flavors of ice cream and soaking herself in chilled chocolate & strawberry fresh milk), she plays with ice cubes, building igloos of different sizes out of them. And she doesn’t ever get bored, because she hides and secretly smiles when someone opens the refrigerator door and doesn’t see her there.”

“Slacking with the slack-to-crats-boys-and-girls” is the title of Timothy’s Spring/Summer 08-09 collection. “The collection is about clothes for “hanging around” in town,” Timothy clarifies. “Clothes for boys who will be boys, and clothes for girls that will be girls. The story is poetic and lyrical, where colors play an exciting game with minor details peeking around and polite styles making whoopee with eccentricity.”

n.nchal.nt Designs are available from Front Row, Level3.



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