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‘I Think, Therefore I Am’ is Jerome Simon‘s favorite quotation from René Descartes’ ‘Discourse on the Method‘. “We are what we think about,” he says, “and that comes from our perception of things, and how we place ourselves in this society. I am learning about my place in the world, just like anyone else.”

“The above painting is basically a tongue in cheek perspective of myself. Very often the way people perceive each other is not always accurate, and is a take on the person’s actual character. In this instance I was being labeled a flirtatious guy.”



Jerome Simon is a graduate of Lasalle SIA, with a diploma in Fine Arts, and is currently the in house artist at the Artoholic gallery.

“My work is the interpretation of adolescent struggles,” Jerome explains, “both from a personal and observational point of view. Growth and process are the themes that take precedence, illustrations of a repressed schema. I seek to rediscover the tangible in a very plastic, socially constructed environment.”

“Being a musician, I also fuse the dynamics of rhythmic patterns of music into my visual expression. The use of black and white and the harsh red markings are an attempt to interpret how my thought patterns are influenced by the music I listen to. Some kind of digestion in which I break down the things I have learned, un-learn them and then re-learn them, and repeat this process again and again.”

Jerome Simon’s work is on view at Your Mother Gallery till 31 July.



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