Spotted! Geraldine Ang Luyi



According to Geraldine Ang Luyi, all fishes do, is swim, eat and mate. “Maybe we’re aimless like that sometimes … offering ourselves up to something we don’t understand. Can you see the shape of a tree in my photograph? … perhaps and unknowingly sprouting growth?”



Geraldine Ang Luyi turns 21 this year and is a fresh off from Nafa with a diploma in Photography. “I didn’t like it there. I do fine art photography and fashion editorials … well, I say I do it but I’m actually looking for a job … haha! There is very little love for fine art photography in Singapore, and I think that breaking into the market is very difficult. My inspiration almost always stems from my love of eras gone by and the music that they had back then, my love for movies and my twin sister.”

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