Nuance drops first EP!


Click the image to watch and listen to the Mesopotamia track.

Folk-flavored, alternative rock outfit Nuance finally decided to bang out six songs and two video tracks for the release of their eponymous debut EP. Which is awesome, even more so since we have the opportunity to offer two EPs for you guys to win. So watch this space!

I recently hung around Donald Pan, one of the handsome young fellows from Nuance, and had a beer-fueled conversation about some juiced bits and pieces.


It all began in 2000 when Donald Pan (vocals, guitar) and Calvin Chian (drums) became friends in an Internet chat room with a shared admiration for artistes like Radiohead, Sigur Ros and Elliot Smith. Calvin recalls, “He was this loony talking to himself but was making more sense than the others chatting in that channel”. It wasn’t a wonder that the then army medic forged a friendship with the psychology major. A year later the idea of forming a band took shape. Calvin roped his pals, Xu Yong Hui (guitar) and Kevin Loh (bass) into the outfit. By mid 2006, Hui had left and Alexius Cai (guitar) joined the band.”

Nuance is … a pack of saccharine troubadours, electrobang schizos, sex on the beach drinking pop rockers, sweet-faced toy-boys wearing fur collars or barbed-wire pitbulls on leashes?

Erm… Cal is the barbed-wire pitbull on a leash, Cai is the saccharine troubadour, Kevin is the sweet-faced toy-boy wearing a fur collar, I dunno about myself …

Have you ever had to hunt or fish to survive?

I’ve hunted for a pub with decent Guinness, does that count? I’ve also tangled with giant garlic prawns on my travels.

Have you ever ignited your own fart gas?

Yes. Don’t believe the things you see on TV. The smell of singed arse hair and flesh is not nice. It doesn’t even look spectacular.


Click the image to watch and listen to the Fear Strikes Mankind track.

Nuance is an expression or appreciation of the subtle shades of meaning, feelings and tone. It is an outline the quartet found very agreeable when applying those textures to their music. Traversing from spirited indie-rock to folk, their songs explore the ills of current affairs and the theme of testament inspired messages.

Nuance scowls out … earth-hugging ballads, off-key pop, life-affirming folk, synth glitter-glam or drunken haze indie-rock?

Drunken haze indie-rock? Life-affirming folk when we’re serious I guess but it’s hard to tell unless you get to the lyrics. Drunken haze, off key, people hugging glam folk maybe?

Has underwear ever been used to discipline you? If yes, what kind of underwear were you most often disciplined with? Diapers with plastic pants, girdle knickers, waspies, tassel pieces or net shorts?

Diapers… me being a dad and all, I had to deal with diapers and now big boy pants in the morning. I may add tassels to my son’s big boy pants tonight. WTF is a waspie?

Do you try to be naked as often as possible?

Yes, I’ve always found it important as clothes seem to increase dampness. I try to stay naked to dry out that hotbed of bacteria that is the underside of the testicles (the ridge that separates the two).


“In our songs, there are subtle messages we try to convey, whether through music or through lyrics. It is about differences that might not be noticed.”

Nuance’s lyrics make for … law-abiding dictates, musty sighs, half-deserted poetry, acts of retaliation or a flock of panicked thoughts?

Musty sighs, half-deserted poetry, acts of retaliation and a flock of panicked thoughts … I think.

What women’s clothes should men be able to wear?

Tassels? Waspies? Notti nunus?

Should dogs have the right to marry their owners?

If dogs were allowed to marry their owners, Man would be forced to sell tassels and set up lemonade stands to eke out a living. Robots will live shorter lives; cats will crumble; cookies will earn personalities and rise up as despots that will control iguanas through mind control. It will be halcyon times. Everyone will be wearing waspies.


Nuance’s first EP is meant to sound like … rhythmic barking, dispassionate numbness, vintage absinthe, slight-nasal noodle slurping or a dishwasher recording?

Absinthe is an alcoholic mouthwash. Slight-nasal noodle slurping I guess ….

Do you believe that Marijuana has legitimate medical benefits?

Yes. It heals old people’s eyes, makes anorexic people eat, and leaves the room with a lovely pine fresh fragrance.

Go see Donald and his Nuance pals at their EP release show on July 18th at Home Club from 10 pm onwards. In the meantime have a taste with the EP tracks available on their website or MySpace.



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