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I Am David Sparkle wanted a special packaging for the release of their first full length album,” Djohan Johari explains, “The band sees their songs as a narrative channel and hopes that it doesn’t stop at the click of the stop button, but carries on into the stimulation sight and sound, to simulate an environment for the story they are telling. It was my first job and I learned quite a bit about production processes. I was into books with French folded pages, and was attracted to the binding technique used in one of the book I was reading. I figured it’d be cool to have these two traits in a CD packaging and it’d be really nice to have the listener engaging in it, opening folds to find phrases and figuring ways to undo the stitches of the CD pocket to get to the music.”

About the graphic, Djohan says, “The graphic used was adapted from works I did for school. My fascination with words -their function to relay thought and emotions we have, and their form, like placements and treatments in a given space- spearheaded the project. I was messing around with some illustration techniques and it turned out pretty sweet. It portrays a sterile, synthetic environment narrated by thoughts we have in our head, but not necessarily communicated to others around us.”



Djohan Johari‘s current projects include promotional material for upcoming shows for Japanese band Mono (3 July) and hopefully Envy in August. About himself, “I am taking a break from day jobs to catch up on reading and doing illustrations and design that mean something more than laying out a corporate brochure. I’m wondering why they aren’t making a Batman movie in Frank Miller’s vision, and I am also hoping that Ronaldo will stay on to build another legacy with United.”

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