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DOUXArte is a limited edition carpet, delicately hand-fabricated from a total of 1500 top quality balloons, and can be used as a stylish carpet, a sitting cushion, or simply as an elegant ornament on its own. Doux products range from lifestyle products, to furniture and fashion and will soon be available online and from selected designer furnishing galleries.

Of her design, Shannon says, “Every product tells a story. The more chapters within the story a product has, the richer in experience it is, hence the more valuable and precious it is. Quality is always my top priority when it comes to the materialisation of a product, as I want people to pay for something that has a lot of effort and thought put into the creation. Never restricting to a certain trend or lifestyle. Doux lives by its brand promise that life is about Living Beautifully – the meaning of Vivez Admirablement in French as seen on the logo. It is a brand and a mentality created for the discerning people with a relentless pursuit for that ultimate living experience in mind.”


Kathryn Shannon Sim is the designer behind the up and coming label, Doux. Since the showcase of her first product on 1 May at an independent exhibition, she has already received queries and commission works from some choice designer furnishing companies, property developers, as well as cult design lovers.

Currently lecturing at an art institution, Shannon’s audacity has been to transcend the borders of the very often separated worlds of art and design, cleverly bridging the two whilst embedding them with her unique style. “I use my design knowledge and understanding of modern aesthetics to develop timeless, modern products that attest to my grasp of colour, form and style.”

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