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Prior to graduation, Stefanie Djie decided to initiate a body of photographic work that would not be loud, nor falsely accessorized; a series that needed no beautification to enhance the image, and yet with the immense intensity that derives from the moment.

“Nudity was almost an immediate honest answer,” says Stefanie, “and yet I truly had not considered that Nakedness would be more than bodies and beliefs, “it is a political and moral minefield” (Greer, 2007). I was almost startled by the response of our culture; nakedness is never perceived as an organic form, but a taboo, a state without clothing. Regardless of the intent of the photographer, a photograph of a naked individual can never be perceived neutrally. What constitutes a problem is not the thing, or the environment where we find the thing, but the conjunction of the two; something unexpected in a usual place, or something usual in an unexpected place. (Winterson, 1985).”



Stefanie Djie is the orange-haired girl stuck in a much-overdue adolescent angst. “I am a product of Singapore’s conservative education concocted with everyday exposure to Western media; I am today, a petite worldly Asian girl hungry to conquer great worldly dreams,” Stefanie says, and continues “I’m thinking of packing up and scouring across Europe come end July, for my next project, a photographic story on fashionable, alternative-lifestyle traveler youths. For this project I intend to seek a publisher.”

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