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PY Chong’s Flaw or Flow chair, with its aluminum leg, carries an important message: “We should learn to accept the beauty of disability and deformity and appreciate how it can build a better personality and quality.” PY’s design received an honorable mention in the Student category at this year’s Furniture Design Awards (FDA).

“Flaw or Flow is not only a chair, it is also a piece of sculpture that speaks for a special group of people. There is a tension in human lives which results in the birth of a new life which is less fortunate, disabled or even deformed. I twisted and distorted the silhouette of a normal chair which results in producing a form which is visually unproportioned and unbalanced. By doing so, I created tension to the form but also an emotion. The chair now looks deformed and tired. I believe, I also gave the chair life and feeling. The introduction of the aluminum leg, which is designed to be more stable and conventional, causes contradiction in our perception. Visually, the aluminum leg is an artificial part, but emotionally it gives viewers a sense of confidence to sit on this deformed chair. We should not judge an object or a person by its superficial appearance. If we initiate to explore deeper, things may not turn out what we perceive them to be. The elegant lady’s chair is to test the perception of the viewers. A piece of sculpture should be speaking for itself. Perception has no certainty, you can choose to look at it’s flaw or it’s flow, or even it’s flaw and flow. My quote: ‘If flaw is an imperfection, let flow be the acceptance of the situation.'”



Chong Pok Yap just graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with a Diploma in Industrial Design, and is now looking for a job.

“I worship the color grey, because grey is the ultimate. Often in my work, you can find simplicity in form combined with a touch of emotion and experience. Emotion and experience which will hopefully inspire designers, as well as the viewers. I also hope that my work injects some consciousness in people’s lives, not only to ponder over it, but to appreciate it.”

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