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Clean, cool and contemporary, this eye-catching, “knot” shaped light provides instant visual appeal and is a nice change from the standard stale, lifeless and boring table lamps. On show at the Singapore Expo last month at the Furniture Design Awards (FDA) exhibit, the lamp, designed by Kenne Cheong, received an Honorable Mention in the Young Designer Category.


Designer Kenne Cheong explains, “When a certain pressure and technique is applied to a string to form a knot, it results in an intentional volume of tension. KNOT is based on this simple idea. Light will be emitted when the light stick is bent and will cease when the light stick returns to its normal position. Thus, in order to obtain a constant light source, you would need to tie a knot in the light stick. The form is indefinite; you may shape a fisherman knot or any other entangled knot to suit the mood and environment you are in. The knot is where the tension is focused, resulting in a concentrated light source.”


“Since young, I was inspired by my father who uses “car putty mould” to cast our fishing weights. I used to wonder why my dad forbid me to cast my own Lego block. I believe that is where it all started. Ever since I love to experiment with non conventional stuff, be it the form of the object, the material or the relationship between the object and the user.”

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