Spotted! Urban Pulse Chair



‘Urban Pulse’, designed by Eric Lim and featured at this year’s International Furniture Fair, mirrors the landscape outline of today’s developed urban society. The distinctive shape of the chair was inspired by ECG readings .

“Urban Pulse is inspired by urbanized landscape structures and the readings reflected on electrocardiogram, or more commonly known as ECG. The peaks and troughs of the ECG model the beating of the heart, where irregularities in the heartbeat are represented by more peaks and troughs of higher intensity and closer proximity. Coincidentally, the peak and trough design of the chair also mirror the landscape outline of today’s developed urban society. Urban Pulse attempts to conjure up the feeling of tension and anxiety – through a series of irregular peaks and troughs throughout the design of the chair. Urban Pulse is made from fiberglass colored in red to further emphasize the feeling of tension. The bold design also aspires to remind metropolitans living in the era of urbanization to slow down their pace and relax, allowing the heart to take a rest.”



Eric Lim, a Product Design graduate, is currently lecturing at the Raffles Design Institute.

“Apart from Product Design related knowledge, I also have expertise in Interior and Graphic Design. My passion for design started when I was only 10 years old. I designed a toy car using recycled drink cans and tissue boxes for a school project.”

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