Spotted! Incomplet Table-Chair



One of the pieces that fascinated me at last month’s Furniture Design Awards was the Incomplet Table-Chair, designed by Interior Design student Melvin Ong. This year’s competition invited the participants in the Young Designers and Students category to work around the theme of “Tension”.

“I was trying to see the theme of of the competition in two ways. When the chair and table are apart, they are unable to support themselves which results in a tension of existence. As furniture that support people and items, they are not self supporting. The other interpretation of tension can be seen when the chair and table are pieced together. The physical tension between the back legs of the chair and slots in the table top hold them together, allowing both to exist purposefully.”



Melvin Ong turns 24 this year. “I finished my ‘A’ levels at St Andrew’s before beginning my studies at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. I am currently in my final year Interior Design, majoring in Furniture Design. After I graduate, I will start looking into the possibility of studying overseas.”



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