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Ray Toh‘s illustration is the visualisation of an outlandish remedy for my monumental hangover this morning. But Ray’s piece titled Fractured Thoughts is about a different type of sentiment.

“The creation of Fractured Thoughts is based on frustrations, on reaching a point in time where I feel like shooting my head off and letting my ideas run wild. You can explore so many things, at the right time and under the right circumstances, and play with the creative bulbs in your head. I don’t think there is commercial value in the theme of Fractured Thoughts, so it’s part of my personal portfolio, and I execute new ideas when time permits. The whole piece is painted in Photoshop and the name Fractured Thoughts comes from a mistake I made when I was looking for Neil Gaimen’s novel “Fragile Things”. The name got stuck in my head ever since.”



Freelance Illustrator, Ray Toh aka Torei was trained in the field of animation and picked up painting along the way.

“I started my career working for Singapore’s first animation company, Sing to the Dawn. I was working as a Background Artist at the time, painting, drawing and planning. It was very tiring, but I learned a lot. After that I started dabbling as a texture and lighting artist and before I knew it, I became IFS‘s first employee in Singapore. Two years down the road, one side of me still wasn’t satisfied, so I resigned and became a freelance illustrator.”

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