Greener Gadgets Design: Bottle of M


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Core 77 have announced the winners of their Greener Gadgets design competition, which challenged participants to come up with new and innovative solutions for consumer electronics, addressing issues of energy, health and toxicity, new materials, product life-cycle and social development.

Final year NUS Industrial Design students, Cheong Yian Ling, Cindy Liew , Joanne Lin and Lionel Wong received a notable entry with their design dubbed Bottle of M, which is not just a Message in a bottle, but above all, a Motivation to save the world.

“Water consumption from PET bottles creates a worldwide environmental problem of ineffective plastic disposal and accumulation. People are usually aware of plastic recycling possibilities and methods. However, more often than not, the follow-through with this practise is a different matter. Our design is inspired by a student exchange experience in Europe where most of the homes do not have potable water readily available from taps, and where we joined in the experience of purchasing bottled water from supermarkets and disposing of the bottles in separate bins weekly. The “culture shock” left a deep impression on us and thus the inspiration for our design.”


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Inside every Bottle of M lies a somber scene of environmental meltdown caused by irresponsible plastic disposal. As the bottle gets empty, a subtle message will remind the consumer to recycle.

“In Singapore, cigarettes are packaged with grotesque pictures of adverse effects of smoking. Inspired by the use of such direct messages incorporated into packaging, the blow moulded bottles play on the compassionate nature of users to prompt them to recycle their bottles.Through a little more attention in packaging design, Bottle of M, being a humble daily object, hopes to bring the message of environmental awareness to the public effectively.”



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