The Pepper Project


The Pepper Project is a self–initiated artbook project by Stanley Lau aka Artgerm and Imaginary Friends Studios, and revolves around the sexy and enigmatic muse, Pepper and her friend Wanda.

Pepper was created five years ago as a recurring subject for Artgerm, to experiment with drawing and illustration styles; from Nagel-esque vectors to Ashley Wood-ish brush strokes to cartoony two dimensional Peppers and photorealistic Peppers. As Artgerm continued to experiment, he noticed that his character had gained a few fans who provided a spin on the original Pepper. These fan variations were as versatile as the fans themselves, sometimes with the only common elements being Pepper’s fiery red palette and her headphones.

The Pepper Project book will spotlight Artgerm’s original Pepper character with the addition of never before seen work. It will also showcase an exciting collection of Pepper and Wanda art by some of the industry’s top artists as well as pieces done by fans and friends.

The project’s deviantART gallery is chock full of fabulous Pepper illustrations from all over the world. I chose three entries from Singapore to run with this post.


Green Pepper by Jennyson Rosero

My name is Jen, but people in the art community call me 2ngaw. I’m a 28 old Filipino working in Singapore for Imaginary Friends Studios.

Basically, the idea behind Green Pepper started as a deviation from the usual Pepper color which is red. So I chose green but still retained the red colour for her hair as a nod to Artgerm’s original illustration. I had a lot of fun with this as it was also a study on improving my colors. I had a lot of guidance from Artgerm himself for the figure to pop out. In truth, this started without any solid direction or idea, I just wanted to draw a sexy pepper as I missed drawing the female figure which is one of the things I am known for. Then things just got added like the digital legs, the pattern on the floor, etc, which if you think about it, just doesn’t make sense. Haha! But I’m all for aesthetics so whatever looked good, I guess, I added. One step at a time.


Pepper Angel 03 by Kwok Shao Wen

Hi, my name is Kwok Shao Wen. I love sci-fi and mecha. I mostly mix them together with my 3D art, just like my most respected 2D artist Skan Srisuwan. I hope that one day my works will be like his … only in 3D.

Pepper Angel 03 is a student by day and a hero by night. This is a scene of her ‘transforming into Hero mode’. I’ve given her a small school bag, to which she can attach robotic wings. I also made the wings look like butterfly wings to represent her beauty. Artgerm mentioned the word ‘sexy’ , so the first thing that came to mind was a Japanese race girl … so I added a mini skirt, white hot pants and boots.


Pepper Cutieland by Ben Qwek

Benjamin Qwek a.k.a Mr.B is a crossover artist from the world of graphic design and street art, straddling between mainstream illustration and adding a street edge to IFS‘s more urban oriented projects.

“I am aspiring to be a multi disciplinary artist, always striving to create distinctive visuals fusing various influences and design communication. My inspiration for Pepper Cutieland comes from both design and digital painting. Enjoying both equally much, the concept of this piece was to blend them. The background was just pure fun: mindless doodlings. As for pepper, the rendering was approached graphically, using angular strokes for the jacket. “



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