Spotted! Kristal Raelene Melson


Pencils and watercolour typify Kristal Raelene Melson‘s work. Her illustration, ‘J’adore La Nuit’, is entirely done in digital colouring, but is equally beautiful to behold.

“The name of my drawing is “J’adore La Nuit”, meaning I adore the night … which i do. I wrote it in French to make it sound pretty and fancy schmancy and also because it is extra cool to speak French … but I don’t. I created this drawing after a lovely night out with some insane friends …. enjoyed rolling around in the grass, so I felt happy drawing this. A good way to remember good times.”


“I was born on a Saturday, in November, 1983. I enjoy drawing out loveletters in the wee hours, singing along, out of tune, to loud music when everyone is asleep.”

Kristal’s drawings expose you to her frailties, delights and plain idiocy. Some of her works have tiptoed their way into the pages of Yen & Empty Magazine and the recent Grafuck show at Gallery Nucleus, LA.

Have a look at some more illustrations here.

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