Spotted! Ziqi


Meet Devil Qi, Ziqi‘s first toy cum keychain in 3-D form. I’m not sure why, but I’m in love with this plushy little creature.

“Monster Little is a world where anyone and everyone is a monster. One of my characters, Mackey, was featured in “Pictoplasma – The Character Encyclopaedia”. I also had some bunnies chosen for the “Pictoplasma – The Essence of Rabbits” project. Devil Qi is one of my main characters in the Monster Little world. It is also my first character to enter 3D, and more will follow. This has really inspired me a lot and I will continue to work hard to turn, if possible, all my Monster Little characters into toys.”


Malaysia born Goh Jit Hee, commonly known as Ziqi, is working as a web designer by day and a character designer/illustrator by night. His obsession with creating monster characters has led to the creation of Monster Little.

See more of Ziqi’s quirky work at

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