The Mail Art Project

Kaiqun Chun is a young artist who attempts to expand an aesthetic consciousness based on joy, pleasure and phenomenological knowledge. He engages in various artforms and recently started his own Mail Art Project, titled Unfinished Adventures.

Kaiqun ‘briefly’ explains what his project is about …

“…. it’s about reviving the curiosity in people. As children we come into the world with curious eyes and see wonders in the most surprising places and the miraculous within the very mundane. Unfortunately this feeling gets conditioned out of us by culture, by experience and by conformity. There is a part in everyone that desires to get back to an instinctive approach in experiencing the world.”

“…. but it is also about the desire to make interesting or special objects for another person. There is a need for more intimate and creative communication amongst people. We are all using emails, text messages, etc. Sometimes this style of communicating feels passive and distanced. In the past, I collected many music posters from all over, the anticipation for it to travel halfway round the globe and the excitement when you finally have the artwork in your hands is something I enjoy a lot. So I think I can recreate this kind of experience or process through this project.”

“… but most of all, it’s about having fun. I don’t think one should expect to gain from submitting a work, sometimes it goes nowhere, depending on how committed I am. It can be amateurish, but it doesn’t matter. I mean the world is entirely utilitarian, everything is based on a cost-benefit analysis, it can be pleasurable to free yourself from this nature of sense-making sometimes.”

“…. oh, and on a personal note, I also take it as a motivation for me to keep making more artwork. For every artwork I receive, I respond with one of my artworks.”

There is no dateline for submissions … “maybe in six months. I really don’t know how it will grow …”, Kaiqun says. “I am planning to organize a small exhibition once I have gathered enough works and all entries will be documented on my website.”

Feel inspired? Head to Kaiqun’s website to check out the details.



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