Little Naughty Nigel

Little Naughty Nigel is a self-published book written by Matthew Phillips and illustrated by Michelle Lin. It is an almost true story about a boy who is always in trouble with his mum and dad. One fine day, in the middle of the night, Little Naughty Nigel discovers what it feels like to be on the other end of mischief …

Author Matthew Phillips works as a Creative Group Head for an advertising agency and has lived in Singapore for the past 11 years. Originally from Manchester, England, he now calls Singapore home. “Since the arrival of my first son, Oliver, I was on the look out for books that allowed me, as a parent, to help my children learn and discover in a fun and memorable way as part of their bedtime story sessions. Sadly there weren’t many books of this nature to be found, so I improvised and used my creativity to develop imaginary characters based on real life situations and the behavior of my kids during that particular day, never making it obvious I was referring to them. Sitting on the edge of my son’s bed, Little Naughty Nigel came to life. An improvised story that was requested every night for a week. It was eventually committed to paper, and the idea to write a book was born.”

Illustrator, Michelle Lin is an Art director whose works have been featured in international publications and her illustrations commissioned for editorials and events. “Graduating from the London school of Communications, my stay in London flourished my passion for illustration. Living with a flatmate that was an illustration major, I picked up the habit of sketching in cafés, parks and on train journeys.” Little Naughty Nigel is Michelle’s debut as a children’s book illustrator. She takes a lot of her influences from children books of the 1950s, looking into classics by Maurice Sendak, Ann and Paul Rand and Olle Eksell.

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Update: We have a winner!

Little Naughty Nigel will be available from all major bookstores as of 12 January.



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