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Most people who use computers would probably say that fonts are not really their concern. In fact, they would probably express mild amusement if you went on about how important fonts are.

Danis Sie’s oversized graphic layout booklet, The Sans, is designed to promote the sans typefaces which are arguably a very popular and one of the more powerful typefaces in the design world. The publication is focused on education and looks at the proliferation of the sans typeface as part of a campaign about the way typefaces affect our daily lives. Danis explains “Each font includes a brief history and is represented by its own colour and a unique pangram. The booklet also features a few sans-serif typefaces that are widely used by the design community: Avant Garde, Din, Helvetica, Futura, Akzidenz Grotesk …”


Denzmixed is a code name planned by Danis Sie, an Indonesian-born, Singapore-based designer who devotes himself to art, typography and design. Based around the concept of logical, imaginative, systematic and unsystematic design, Denzmixed fuses both functional and technical requirements. “Denzmixed is captivated in the contemporary, post-futurism discipline for both the artistic and commercial side where science and imagination are the fundamental notion of all creations. My work is primarily influenced by world science, fiction, electronic music, and technology.”

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