Superstring: Timepieces

When I was in college, one of my professors asked me to draw a continuous line on the blackboard. He eventually told me to stop when I reached the door, at which point he politely asked me to leave the auditorium. That is exactly what came to mind when I read about Joshua Yang’s upcoming solo exhibition titled Superstring: Timepieces.

Like the title suggests, the theme of the show revolves around Time and Memory. Joshua makes technical drawings of watches and mechanical clocks, all done from memory. His artworks are done within a 24-hour time period and in a single continuous line with no breaks or overlaps. Each drawing is titled with a number indicating the start date and time, the end date and time, and the break date and time.

To further emphasize the notion of time and continuity, Joshua will confine himself to his Marina Mandarin art studio for a continuous 48-hour period immediately following his December 11 exhibition. He will create a mural directly on one of the studio walls, only stopping for “permissible” breaks.

From 11 December till 31 January 2008 at Marina Mandarin.



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