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Small Book and Short Distance Reading is not just a collection of four short stories; it’s a pocket size book with a handmade fabric cover, with stitches surrounded by untouched raw edges. ‘The book is small and the stories are short which make it almost disposable’, says creator Aiwei. ‘The book cover is made with fabric to give it a different feel, softness and texture. The format is pocket size, because I like the idea whereby people can slip a book inside their pocket easily and read it whenever they want … it’s like eating a bowl of instant noodles … it requires no commitment, unlike reading a novel.’


Borneo born Aiwei moved to Singapore at the age of eighteen. Aiwei is a multimedia artist and founder of the See You Tomorrow label. ‘I was trained in Fine Arts and Fashion Design. I usually work on a cross disciplinary platform, between arts and design, wearable and non-wearable stuff, but mostly object based. I do 2D works but also photography, drawing, painting and illustration. I like to explore in different mediums and art forms because I think that the marriage between these mediums always results in an unexpected outcome; sometimes it’s nice, sometimes it’s not, but no matter how, it’s an excitement that plays a big part in my life.’

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