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Female of the Species is one of my few selected personal artworks which is also one of my favorites as it generates a kind of positive vibe,’ says Ben Ho, Multimedia Designer and the man behind Chaotic Constructives. ‘Like many other designers who love listening to music whilst at work, I decided to create an artwork inspired by the song Female of the Species. The basis of this artwork contains elements of stuff that women generally love; shoes, bags, accessories etc. The woman in the illustration is Brazilian model, Ana Carolina Reston, and I deliberately choose one of her photos with a smiling face in order to give my artwork a young, vibrant and positive touch. As a result it was very well received and it even got featured on yaymonday. This is when I started getting exposure, followed by multiple invitations to produce artwork for events, magazines, books and apparel.’


Ben discovered his interest in art when he got his first desktop computer in 1999. ‘This was during the dot com boom period. I got really engaged with the web, especially with flashy websites,’ Ben recalls. ‘I started playing around with design and flash and got hooked, nearly flung my studies (unrelated to the design industry), but it was eventually well worth the while. I started doing digital art after three years of being a flash guy and the rest is history …’

Ben’s artwork has been deservedly appreciated by magazines and books, branching out to apparel and exhibitions. He also contributed to the Tiger Translate collaborative in New York in March and was involved in the Baume & Mercier photography installation at the Asian Civilisation Museum in July.

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