Nobodies’ Body

Opening this Friday at  Forth Art Gallery is a mixed media exhibition titled Nobodies’ Body by emerging artists Eudora Rusli, Schmeezo, Jacqueline Sim, Koh Pei Chen and Tan Li Xin.

I asked Schmeezo about the title of the exhibition. ‘Nobodies’ Body will represent one body of thought; the individual interpretation. The body of anything is what holds each individual parts of something together. A collective term used to describe a state of being. At least this is how we see it. As humans, our body is what we are. It represents us visually and physically to portray what our heart feels and what our mind wants us to do. Without our body, we will just be roaming souls in search of space … an entity to call our own. As the five of us started to realise how the term ‘body’ can be translated into so many meanings, we realised how much impact a body of something can be. To us, the subject “body” doesn’t only apply to a physical formation that we are all able to see. The term is an interesting subject that can be manipulated in so many ways.’


Eudora Rusli is currently doing her BA in Fine Arts at LASALLE, graduating in 2008. Jacqueline Sim, Koh Pei Chen and Tan Li Xin are all graduates from LASALLE Fine Arts and are having full time jobs while still pursuing their artistic passion. Schmeezo is doing her final year at the National Institute of Education (NIE) and will be teaching English and Art after graduation. She has been actively involved in many projects, including the latest NIKE Windrunner Campaign and the Wheelock Art Gallery.

This exhibition will be on view through 16 November at the Forth Art Gallery.



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