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Fabrix Laptop Sleeves were born out of frustration at what designer Colin Chen calls “the uninspirational laptop cases” he found in the marketplace. Colin focused his attention on what he likes to call ‘turning a simple idea into a beautiful product’ and came up with ‘a lifestyle line for laptops’—or, in other words, funky laptop sleeves. Following a simple, utilitarian standard, the laptop sleeve features contemporary fabric designs coupled with quality stitching, a streamlined shape, and daring shades. Says Colin, ‘Each sleeve is individually handcrafted to fit the laptop perfectly with an internal compartment that is lined with quilted padding to keep your laptop safe.’ The sleeve boasts striking colour options that include the urban camo for unruly guys and girls alike, the saucy red fury, and, for the minimalists, the classic denim black.


Colin Chen, 23, is an ordinary guy trying to find his place in society. His mantra is simple – Do what you like and make sure you do it good. Says Colin, ‘I think great ideas come from simple thoughts. You don’t need brilliant concepts, fancy materials or the extraordinary components to create something. The key is in understanding the users, taking care of their needs and revolving the design around them. Personally, I don’t come from a designer background, nor did I study anything related to design. I just like looking at beautiful things, appreciating the thought behind the art and thinking about how I can make them prettier. And I most definitely hope that Fabrix will make things prettier for everyone out there.’

Fabrix Laptop Sleeves are available at Designed In Singapore.

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