Brian Chia, A Brick in the Illustrator Wall

Brian Chia, A Brick in the Illustrator Wall

Brian Chia is a young illustrator who works under the moniker Brick. In 2005 he graduated with a degree in Visual Communication from the Raffles LaSalle Institute of Design, and he will finish his MA in Interactive Media this year in London, where he is attending Middlesex University. Brian has a boldly titillating sensuality to his work which captivated my attention as soon as I laid my eyes on it. Or maybe I was mesmerized by the tattooed hot-bod in his illustrations. Who cares! The dude’s dripping with talent and creates some solid stuff and that’s why I want you to know about him.

How would you define your style?

I don’t know what to call it really. I’m attracted to art with a surreal mix of fact and fantasy. Most of my work contains a good hybrid of organic forms and illustrated characters. I prefer the use of quiet de-saturated colors but experimenting with the other color palettes can bring wild and unexpected results as well. My habit of separating the various grounds for totally different elements like lines and shapes is another attribute to the style of work I produce. It is interesting how they eventually merge to integrate and take on another form of dimension.

Inspiration, Influences?

People, movies and magazines are all great muses. Comic book artists Enki Bilal, Paul Pope and Ash Wood are strong inspirations for me to draw; illustrators like Jasper Goodall, Rubens LP and David Foldvari are an encouragement for the bold experiments in my work.

Brian Chia, A Brick in the Illustrator Wall

What are your favorite mediums and techniques to work with?

Acrylic on gesso! That’s definitely a favorite. Unfortunately due to time constraints, I don’t frequent the medium as often as I would like to. Now that everything has pretty much gone digital, my illustrations are done on a wacom tablet. Habitually, the individual elements of a piece are either done in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Painter before integrating them in Photoshop. The good ol’ sketchbook is also always helpful for drafting and planning ideas before execution.

What are you currently working on?

I am working on my MA final year project. It is a flash game with a hidden personality survey.

Brian Chia, A Brick in the Illustrator Wall

What’s usually playing on your iPod when you’re illustrating?

I am a big fan of Bjork and Moloko. I love dance music, anything from retro to drum and bass. Jazz works for me too, currently Jill Scott is the most played artiste on my list.

Most active at day or rather at night?

I am definitely nocturnal!

What will you be doing in ten years time?

Ten years from now, I will be wake-boarding on the waters of Antigua. And while lying down on a secluded, powdery-soft beach, I will be thinking about my next shipwrecked site to scuba dive. Beer’s on me if we cross paths!

Anything else you want to get off your chest?

If anyone is interested in collaborating, feel free to email me at I am interested in meeting people of different fields of expertise.

Visit Brian’s blog or site to view more of his work.



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