Foon Foono, The Bunny Man

Lily (inset) is the brainchild of digital artist Foon Foono, whose poignant illustrations have recently been bookmarked by Startdrawing and The Brooklyn Art Project.

His work is that tasty, character-driven digital illustration, that is full of emotion and raw sensuality, imbued with a sense of vulnerability and loneliness. ‘I enjoy being alone. The characters in my art often portray loneliness, but each time with a different feeling. Loneliness can make people grow stronger or weaker. I have experienced this, and that’s why I want to incorporate it in my art.’

Foon’s themes are mainly people, often dressed in blindingly pink colors against a grey backdrop, and almost always wearing bunny ears and a clown nose. ‘The bunny ears are about innocence and sexuality, the clown nose represents humbleness and cockiness,’ he says.

Foon likes to find his inspiration in the people around him, focusing on human traits with distinguishing characteristics. ‘I am very much inspired by the people around me. I look at the way people behave and talk, their gestures, their odd ways. I’m interested in their stories and their feelings.’

Whether the subject is a sobbing man or twin girls holding hands and a knife, Foon’s simple pictures make you feel something; often something universal, and sometimes something that you can’t even pinpoint.

Foon will soon be launching his own fashion line based on the character of Lily. Make sure to spend a few minutes on his site to discover the rest of his work.



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