A familiar lament among my musician and artist friends is the lack of public support for Singaporean creatives, a state of affairs which, I believe, isn’t so much a “problem” to be labelled and addressed as such, but a situation which requires some savvy handling from the ground up sans government reliance, i.e. creatives themselves.

Encapsulating that spirit, is the non-profit movement by the folks behind Sinema, Farm, Caffeine and Timbre which encourages Singaporeans to take a pledge to support our creatives and their work. You can read what the pledge entails over at the website.

If you’re reading this here, I am probably preaching to the converted, but here’s a suggestion anyway: watch Invisible City (the run has been extended to 19 Aug), check out the Singapore Art Show and catch the next gig at Home club.

It’s about taking a chance. Who knows, you just might like what you see — and how bad could that be?



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