The STRAY, an Indie Rock ‘n’ Roll Fable

The STRAY - Red suit

A bit of mod, a dash of man-chic and a whole lot of indie! Singaporean label The STRAY creates the sort of menswear that naturally breathes the rebellious and bold spirit of indie rock ‘n’ roll through its sufficiently prominent colors and mischievous cuts.

Says founder, Arthur Chua, ‘The STRAY is not a fashion label, but a constant side project study of the various influences that shape my views in life.’ The influences that feed his collection range from his role as an Art and Film Director to his vision of infusing fashion, architecture, product design, philosophy, arts, music, poetry, film and even spirituality.

But Arthur also takes direct references from a certain personal fixation with characters from films; David Bowie in ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ or the scene where Nick Cave performs in a Berlin Club in Wim Wenders’ ‘Wings of Desire’, wearing an ultra skinny 3-piece suit.

The STRAY - Black suit

In Arthur’s words, ‘Dressing up is a state of mind and being, and not just for any one particular event. It could be as frivolous as treating the streets as your personal fashion runway, with your hands in your pockets and strutting your shoulders with a careless cool attitude to helping granny across the road. The problem with today’s youth culture is that they are no longer rebelling with a cause, but identifying without a cause aimless hoarding of a broken mind. But such is the social condition of today when we are eased into a state of comfortable silence, protesting only for self-centered issues deemed politically correct by the media and census.’

When I ask him what we can expect from future collections, Arthur reveals, ‘My collections are season-less. This ties in with the social and environmental climate in our world today which is unpredictable and in many ways depicts an uncertainty in what is deemed appropriate for a particular situation. At the end of it, The STRAY aims to seek and discover peace within its own process of growth.’

The STRAY collection is available from White Room, 37 Haji Lane.

Photography: Cheong Yew Mun, Model: Brendon



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