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Rained And It Rained, Bullets It Rained

Experimental electronica artist, Marcos Destructos, started out originally in 2003 as part of an acoustic folk punk project, but soon progressed into the electronica realm under the moniker One Man Nation. “I got sick of playing with bands and having to rely on others to create music,” he says. “In 2005, I started dabbling around with computers and discovered aleatory music.”

Also known as “chance music”, aleatory music is an open form of composition where the order of movements or elements are left up to the performer.

2007 has been particularly fruitful for Marcos. He released two albums, a solo record Rained and It Rained, Bullets It Rained under One Man Nation and Voluntary Human Extinction as part of electro-punk outfit, Elekore, together with Belgian member C-drik and fellow Singaporean, Mindfuckingboy. We recently caught up with him after an extensive three month tour of Europe and just as well, as he will be leaving our shores again in August 2007.

How did you discover aleatory music and why did it appeal to you?

I was reading a lot about computer compositions at that time constantly trying out different programs, it was when I started using lower level programs that I stumbled upon this form of composition. The randomness of aleatory compositions has to be the biggest draw for me as its very intriguing to see a composition start to develop into its own form rather than the contrived nature of planned, structured compositions.

Vountary Human Extinction - Elekore

Recently, you released two albums, a solo album as OMN, the other under Elekore together with C-drik and Mindfuckingboy. How was the experience of producing them and how did the process differ between the albums?

Yes both of those albums were released in March this year. The Elekore record was tense. C-drik was in Singapore for a month, within that month we conceptualized, composed and recorded the tracks for the album. The OMN one was much more relaxed in the sense that I took over a year to finish up that album, I had a long time to conceive and tweak it till perfection. Everything was a mad rush towards the end of both the productions as we had to rush them to the printers so as to get them in time for the European tour. Sharon, the lady who does our album designs had to rush out both the artwork and design in less than a week, so it was really, really full on!

You toured Europe for three months and played to very diverse audiences in different cities. Specifically, where did you go, where did you play in and what was the vibe like in each city?

It’s quite a handful this time. The first two months I spent doing a joint OMN/Elekore tour, we played in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and Czech Republic. Then headed over to Spain for the last month to do a solo OMN tour. The places we played in were really diverse, from squats to clubs, cultural centers to art galleries, but the most memorable one would have to be in Cologne where we played in a squatted wagon place. Its basically a place where people lived in wagons, they had an open wagon which they used as a stage for concerts and we played there! Every city had a same same but different vibe going on. Similar in the European sense, but at the same time starkly differing in attitude, its hard to describe.

One Man Nation

Music aside, any interesting stories to share about the trip?

Hmmmmm we are a very boring band I think, no drunken fights, junkie groupies or anything like that. I got molested on stage in Marseilles during the set, one of the guys from the audience started to grab me and squeezed my nipples while I was singing for Elekore, then during the last song, I was lying on stage and he came over, lifted my legs up and started to act like he was fucking me. At the same show, we had a lady come on stage and started posing and flashing her crotch at everyone. Another incident was in Paris when I was taking a piss in the toilet at one of the urinals, a guy came to occupy the one next to mine and from the corner of my eye I saw him rubbing his penis rather than take a piss. I then looked up to see this big fat bald Parisian man looking at me and smiling! Alright, I must be giving the wrong impression of this tour now!

One Man Nation

What are your plans for the near future?

I’m heading back to Europe in September, to study this time. Since I’m going to be there I think its going to be much easier to continue touring as well. Elekore already have one show booked in September in Tilburg Netherlands, so the tour continues! The follow-up album to Rained and it Rained Bullets it Rained is also in the works, its definitely different from Rained. Heavier, darker and sadder for sure. I have got two new tracks coming out on two different compilations, one on the Future Ethnic Comparative Research net label, and the other on the American Bad Schematics label. Concurrently, some installation works are also in progress, these will be exploring the modern human psyche and how it relates to perception and sounds.

Rained and It Rained, Bullets It Rained by One Man Nation
Voluntary Human Extinction by Elekore.

Available at:
Straits Records, 22 Bali Lane
Earshot Cafe, The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane
Trash Steady Syndicate

Also available worldwide:
Syrphe Records
Adnoiseam Records

Upcoming shows:
2nd Aug ’07 – w/ Dave Phillips at *Scape, Youth Park, Somerset Road
8th Aug ’07 – [in]party at Home Club, 20 Upper Circular Road, B1-01/06 The Riverwalk
25th Aug ’07 – w/ Morphy at Earshot Cafe, The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane

One Man Nation



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