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YANCHA FOREVER is a fashion textile collection by Stacy Tan aka YABAI YABAI.

Stacy worked as a graphic designer for four years before moving to Japan to study Fashion Textile Design at the Bunka Fashion College. “One of the reasons why I chose to study more about Textile Design was to have an understanding about materials other than paper and to also make objects and prints by hand. My work has a lot to do with silkscreen, hand weaving and hand dyeing.”

YANCHA FOREVER celebrates rascals of all forms and ages, playing around with materials and techniques. “It is also a cheeky rebellious attack on stereotypical ideas of what textile design work should look and be like, when it can be clumsy, messy and outrageously colourful.”

A Month In Seoul by Cherine Wee

Cherine Wee is a communication designer working in the marketing/creative sector. Last year she put together a self-initiated publication that documents her one month travel in Seoul.

“A Month in Seoul is designed in the form of a photo travelogue diary, and acts as a memento that records my experience living and getting around Seoul like a local. Through my eyes, I share photographs and personal thoughts on my time spent there, on the places I went to, the culture, sights, aesthetic details and mood I’ve experienced.”

Behind the publication: “What started out as an ‘escape’ travel stint ended up as one that allowed me to rediscover myself in my 20 something years, to get lost in a foreign city– both physically and metaphorically, and to find myself through losing myself. It was the resolve to go wherever and do whatever my heart desired. The inspiration and decision to produce this publication was born out of the thought to share my personal experience, to encourage someone out there to take time for rest from the busyness of everyday life and a constant reminder to never lose your sense of wonder and wander. This goes out to all the seekers and dreamers alike.”

Available for purchase at  Actually, Basheer and BooksActually.
A Month in Seoul including 1x publication, 1x set of yours to keep notecards is available only at stuffofsoul.bigcartel.com. That Summer in Seoul [postcard diary pack] is available only at stuffofsoul.bigcartel.com


Deloitte Innovation Day

Illustration Arts Festival Poster

Lily & Shara

The Local Calendar

“I see something. Let’s go there!”

I can’t help but smile at the endearing characters and the spot of sunshine in Xinnie‘s illustrations. Creating work for clients including Deloitte Singapore, Channel NewsAsia, Our Better World, as well as start-ups and “curious courageous wedding folks”, the illustrator is known for her digital and handwritten work.

When talking about her creative process, Xinnie references her background in art, industrial design and intense people watching.

Animated Sundays! Route 52

Route 52
Created by Jacinth Tan and Tok Xue Yi
Nanyang Technological University

“Sometimes you will meet the strangest person when you least expect it, so brave yourself and meet the unlikely pairing of Bart and Jimmy.

Bart, he’s your average hotdog tender situated at a desert highway. He’s trying to make a living just like the rest of us, before an unexpected accident bring an “out-of-this-world” Jimmy right into the picture. Bart feeling sorry for the little guy immediately tries to accommodate, but things quickly take a dramatic turn as Bart find out Jimmy is way more than he bargained for …”

The production process consisted of traditional animation techniques combined with the use of softwares such as Toon Boom and After effects under the Mentorship of Davide Benevuti and Hans Peter Bacher, both who are professors at Nanyang Technological University.

Click here to view more of the preproduction work.

Spotted! Mithra

Mithra Jeevanantham-1

Mithra Jeevanantham-2

Mithra Jeevanantham-3

amygdala series (paper cuts)

Mithra Jeevanantham-slutty kitty-1

slutty kitty (lithography, silkscreen)

Mithra Jeevanantham-slutty kitty-2

untitled (lithography, silkscreen)

A degree student at LASALLE, College of the Arts, visual artist Mithra was always attracted to the Japanese art style, which can be seen throughout her work.

Specialized in printmaking and papercutting, Mithra’s work shifts from the “monstrous femme” in her prints to insane details in her paper cut-outs.

About her prints: “I attempt to provoke a subtle and paradoxical sense of silent horror through my prints. My current research focuses on the feminine horror to mental health. With the intention of giving the viewer multiple interpretations of the amygdala, the act of obsessive daydreaming and “ero guro nansensu”, I attempt to challenge their morals and ethics.”

About her paper cuts: “My works have been inspired mainly by,“Tokyo Police Gore” and the manga artist, “Junji Ito”. My paper cut pieces combine both materiality and science. The process of cutting a roll of paper in a specific setting and under a 3 week time constraint. It is a open letter to my amygdala. The amygdala in my brain that controls my fears and anxieties.”

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