Mapping the Invisible by Goh Shuhui

MAN 01

MAN 02

MAN 03

MAN 04

Mapping the Invisible: Transforming Singapore urban data into art through effective colour palettes by Goh Shuhui, focuses on the role of new urban media as a tool to unveil invisible information on the diverse aspects of urban life.

“Think air quality, the intensity of sunlight and transportation patterns,” she explains. “Given the various technologies in current context, new media art has the ability to provide a collective sense of the environment. Thus, this project exposes and raises awareness on the invisible harmful presence of ultraviolet radiation and air pollutants in public urban settings through a prototype that uses effective colour palettes to introduce new experience of reading data.”

Shuhui’s project is displayed on Media Art Nexus (MAN), a fifteen meters by two meters large media LED wall at the North Spine Plaza at NTU. MAN is a part of the Art on Campus initiative by the NTU Art & Heritage Museum and a permanent public art installation. “For this occasion, it is transformed into a mapping platform of Singapore to enable Ultraviolet (UV) Index and Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) data to be visualised across the different island locations and time of the day.”

Encube, The Art of Concealment by James Sua







James Sua is a young designer with a background in Product Design (NTU) and Interior Design (SP), and one of the graduating NTU ADM students that will be showcasing his work at the ADM SHOW 2017.

“For centuries, secret compartments have been built into boxes to conceal the owner’s most valuable belongings and private documentation. As technology advances, these compartments became an Art of Concealment to illustrate the ability and ingenuity of a box maker. The project seeks to rekindle the crafts of hidden spaces in a modern piece of private furniture to improve storage problems and reminisce the memories of our valuable everyday items.

EnCube is a piece of personal private furniture that can only be opened effortlessly with the user’s knowledge. With the aid of a decoding passage and collection of curios, it invites viewers through a journey of cryptic conundrums and rediscover the secret compartments within. Upon emptied, the EnCube remains as a fine piece of containment that provides hidden spaces to our daily lives.”

Yesteryears by Sean Cham







Sean Cham is an undergraduate at Yale-NUS College, with an Urban Studies major and an Arts and Humanities minor. He is also the author of Yesteryears, a photobook showcasing 50 places in Singapore that were culturally and historically significant.

“The series was taken when Singapore celebrated 50 years of independence, and there was an increasing wave of nostalgia across the nation. However, many buildings and places were left abandoned and forgotten amidst the country’s race for progress. Places are vessels of memories for the people; places are where relationships are forged, stories are created, history is made. From hidden palaces to crumbling neighbourhoods, these places are long past its halcyon days as they descend into mere brick and mortar.”

Sean started working on Yesteryears at the end of 2014, and completed the series mid 2015. “I told myself the series needed a closure; leaving the photographs in the deep recesses of the World Wide Web will only lead to its ruins like the buildings the series depict. So early 2016 I decided to pitch my book to the team at BooksActually. Kenny Leck was on board but he told me the book needed something more. So I spent the entirety of 2016 figuring out how best to package the series, consulted practitioners in London, wrote an essay for the book, and early 2017 I had it figured out.”

The process that took Sean nearly three years from start to end will be launched at the Singapore Art Book Fair 2017 which opens tomorrow and runs until 30 April at Gillman Barracks.


Open Circuits, LASALLE’s BA (Hons) Fine Arts Graduation Show

An Element of Unknown

An Element of Unknown (becoming microbe) by Becky Ng Qi Jie (Video still)
©Lasalle College of the Arts

Sempadan Rumah

Sempadan Rumah by Arif Jumat (Recycled found objects)
©Lasalle College of the Arts

Fishmonger's Dream

Fishmonger’s Dream by Fiona Koh Li Ping (Mixed Media on newsprint)
©Lasalle College of the Arts


Catastrophe by William Kung (Oil on Canvas)
©Lasalle College of the Arts

Access Excess

Access Excess by Desiree Puey (Mixed media installation)
©Lasalle College of the Arts

Golden Staircase

Untitled (Golden staircase) by Priyageetha (Laser print on photopaper)
©Lasalle College of the Arts

Today we would like to offer you a first look at some of the works that will be part of Open Circuits, a show presenting the works by LASALLE’s BA(Honours) Fine Arts graduating batch . Open Circuits opens this Thursday and runs until May 4 at LASALLE’s Winstedt Campus.

“The exhibition is an amalgamation of creativity, located right at the student artists’ studios themselves. As the title Open Circuits suggest, the exhibition brings forth the dynamic and raw energy of individual artists from diverse backgrounds, a documentation of the electrifying constellation of shared ideas and influences that are, like all open circuits, potential for all kinds of future possibilities.”


The Hue Space by Kamarul

the hue space-1

the hue space-2

the hue space-3

the hue space-4

In 2010, Kamarul had us excited with his Facial Codes series. Come May 5, we will step into his Final Year Project – Hue Space – an interactive audiovisual installation that explores light in relation to human emotions.

“Presented in a full-dome projection space, this enclosed and immersive room invites visitors to experience unfamiliar and singular visual conditions. Through multiple combinations of sound and subtle gradual transition of colours, the work engenders unique and constantly evolving lighting tableaux. Inspired by the psychological influence of colours on human perception, visitors may find themselves constructing emotional responses and narratives during their experience.”

Kamarul’s project can be explored at the ADM SHOW 2017 which runs from 6 through 21 May at 81 Nanyang Drive.

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