Noise x GIF Fest 2017

Adeline Tan

Ella Zheng a.k.a ellaisweird

Aik Beng Chia

Williem Siddik

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Presented by Noise Singapore and creative agency Kult, Noise x GIF Fest 2017 is billed as one of Singapore’s largest GIF events to-date. The Festival which caters to today’s technology-loving generation promises to capture the richness of the GIF (or graphic interchange format), an engaging medium which loops visual data, as an artistic medium and explore its role as a form of digital art, entertainment and creative communication.

The inaugural edition themed “Spellbound” will be held from 5 – 11 October 2017 at Block 7 of Gillman Barracks. The main event will feature an immersive exhibition of over 50 original GIFs, including selected works submitted by amateurs to professionals, 35 years and under, through the Open Call held last month. These specially commissioned GIFs will be showcased through projections, large screens including a mammoth LED wall, and secret rooms, all combining to create a spellbinding experience.

Programmed to captivate a broad range of audiences, Festival-goers can also look forward to curated fringe activities including workshops, live performances, creative dialogue sessions and more. Highlights include a workshop hosted by Aik Beng Chia, one of Singapore’s most followed street photographers on Instagram, who will share how to transform photos into dynamic cinemagraphs (animated photographs). A special edition of ‘Good Times’ featuring a live set between Kiat from Syndicate and Deborah Emmanuel, Singapore’s foremost spoken word poet. A performance by electronic duo .GIF, a GIF making workshop for kids, interactive art installations and inspiring talks by industry pioneers.

Over 500 GIFs were created by professional and amateur artists from across Singapore to the festival theme ‘Illusions’ and submitted to GIF FEST curators through the Open Call. 50 GIFs have been shortlisted and will be showcased at the Festival.

Entry to the family-friendly festival is free with pre-booking required for selected workshops and talks. Refer to the GIF Fest website for more details.


Eva, Kopi and Matcha 2.0






For Evangeline Neo aka Evacomics her interest in cultural differences between countries has been a point of fascination in her webcomics. Today we take a peek into the follow-up to her first work, a chuckle-inducing comic about the adventures of Eva and her imaginary pets, Kopi the dog and Matcha the cat.

“During my studies abroad in the United States and Japan, my early brushes with how things are in those countries left such an impression that I eventually recorded them in webcomics. In volume 2.0, readers are also regaled with often hilarious anecdotes of life abroad and comparisons between my home country of Singapore and places such as the United States, Vietnam, Indonesia and, of course, Japan. Some of my earlier works are also included here.”

The book launch and signing are happening on 23 September between 4pm and 5pm at Kinokuniya. Get your grubby little mitts on a copy of Eva’s comics at these outlets.


Spotted! Dzaki Safaruan

dzaki safaruan

Dzaki Safaruan received his Bachelor’s (Hons) in Fine Art from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in partnership with Loughborough University, UK. His art is a constant exploration of the “deconstruction of the mundane which involves a mix of spirituality, comic book culture and wordplay.”

“As Malay Muslim, I use my recent body of works to deconstruct the legacy of heritage and spirituality while examining my own faith and practice,” Dzaki tells us. “Symbolic objects from my faith are physically dismantled, reduced to their basic elements and then reinterpreted in different forms. This is the crux of my practice, choosing to break apart everyday subjects and objects.”

“In Tabula Rasa (Tak Boleh Rasa),the Islamic holy book, the Quran, has been ‘reconstructed’ into a blank book”, Dzaki explains. ” I sought to question the physicality of this religious object and what was more important: its mere physical form or its content (which transcends its physical existence). In essence, the ‘physical content’ of the Quran is still present in the work.”

View more of Dzaki’s work at the RUANG exhibition which opens today and runs until 21 September.


Ning Chen’s Uniman








Ning Chen creates bubbly illustrations that see her depict the little adventures of a happy flabby blob, all captured in vibrant pastel hues.

“It’s a Uniman!” she tells us by way of introduction. On the topic of what exactly a Uniman is, the icecream-R&D-by-day and illustrator-by-night explains that the idea came when she and her partner were racking their brains to come up with a new character to draw. “As you know pretty much every single animal or being have been converted or drawn into a character. Not till we came across a Sea urchin! We decided to use the innards of a sea Urchin, and it has been quite a fun and challenging to try to give a seemingly lifeless creature a form , its own character and also emotions. Upon first glance it is hard to tell that he is a Sea urchin, Uniman has been mistaken as a corn cob, a starfish, and also a lump of fat !?!?! . But when they finally realise Uniman is in fact a sea Urchin, hilarity and laughter ensues.”

What’s up with the Uniman character? “Basically, he’s the sole sliver of Uni that escaped from his shell, due to his overwhelming sense of curiosity. He approaches the world with naivety and a willingness to try everything, and he is truly comfortable in his own skin (being flabby yet flaunting it at the same time) #bodyconfident. So expect to see Uniman in plenty of new – slightly awkward – situations.”


TIME LINE by Amon Wong

timeline by amon wong

A live visualist for Bakers In Space and part of musical collective Astral & Co. Meet sonic artist, Amon Wong.

Whilst studying a BA in Electronic Music at LASALLE, he tells us he started toying with the idea of creating narratives through electronic mediums. “With the systems I have since developed, the audio and visuals are never self-reliant nor completely predictable; on the contrary, they come together as a result of those systems communicating with each other. Using abstract musical patterns and visuals that react with each other simultaneously, what might seem random at first will reveal itself as a carefully orchestrated exploration of aural and visual textures.”

In a live exhibition on 29 September at Artistry, Amon will treat us to an audiovisual experience that draws from multiple genres of electronic music and visual artists. We asked him to talk us through the performance.

“TIME LINE is the chronicle of my academic journey through my years in LASALLE. Every piece is sequentially more complex than the other and this live performance explores the integration of sound and visuals controlled by algorithm sequencing in real-time on stage. The work draws musical inspiration from glitch, IDM, progressive and ambient music and relates them in a visual form that blurs the boundary between the two creative fields.”


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