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In 2017 Huda Azzis, – a documentary editor – and Souher Wahba – Intermission Bar Manager at The Projector – got together to start Your Local Newsstand, an independent publishing group specialising in photography zines. “We got together because we wanted to publish our own zines. So in a way it is our little side project. We will be releasing 3 zines, and each issue will feature a specific theme and will be curated in different styles of storytelling.”

The first publication titled, “Portraits of People – The Dream Issue“, captures the dreams and hopes of people as they answer one question, What is your dream in life? “Together with our photographer friend, Imran Mohammed, we went out to photograph friends and strangers on the street. It’s a project that took a year to finish and was entirely self-funded and self-published.”



Spotted! Joses Phang






We spotted Joses Phang‘s work at the TCC outlet on Circular Road. Joses is one of the 16 emerging artists from LASALLE College of the Arts’ BA(Hons) Fine Arts program showing works at Art Moves III, a year-long exhibition across various TCC cafés.

Joses tells Culturepush his works mostly talk about people and society. “I have always been very drawn to this idea of loneliness and isolation in an urban society, especially since I took up street photography as a hobby, and started capturing these moments of isolation in bustling areas of the city. As someone who enjoys doing things alone, my photographs and drawings mirror my own state of mind wandering the city, investigating these feelings of loneliness in crowds, yet feeling completely comfortable being alone at the same time. Influenced by the absurd, each work of mine is like a journey exploring these positions of isolation, torn between being an individual and being a part of a collective, and finding no real resolution to it.”



Banner Shuffle! Yellow Mushmellow

Yellow Mushmellow_banner March 2018

“The illustration draws from a series of comics I created based on a “falter-ego” who responds to tough situations by stress-binging on food instead of actually solving her problems. I guess we can all relate to crunch time like that. :-)” – Yellow Mushmellow.


Kinetic Art Watches by Humism

humism watches

humism watches-2

“Bored with generic minimalism, we break a watch down to its fundamentals — the movement of time. We use time to do art, and use art to recapture time.”

Inspired by Kinetic Art and the possibilities of turning movement of time into art, Watch Design Studio Humism just launched 3 automatic watches on Kickstarter.

Designer David Sze: “We wanted to completely reimagine watch design, to create a timepiece that makes the most of this medium’s uniqueness. And the most unique and fundamental part of a watch, as we see it, is movement. We are inspired by the potential of using time’s movement to create visual beauty, and perhaps even philosophical meaning. In our design research, we were influenced by the Kinetic Art movement. Kinetic artists broke from traditional static art, and created art that produced beauty through movement.

Research took David two months. “I dug into the endless ways moving forms can overlap and intersect. More than a thousand drafts were created as ideas evolved. It didn’t help that I am a perfectionist, tweaking every detail and casting way too many prototypes to make sure each nanometer was perfect. I am proud to present three designs, the final evolutions of a year of inspiration.”

5% of the sales will be donated to The Red Pencil, a non-profit that uses arts therapy to help those suffering from emotional trauma.


Listen! Blue by Cosmic Child

Cosmic Child_Blue

YouTube Preview Image

Releasing on bandcamp and spotify today is Blue, Cosmic Child‘s new album since their self-released debut in 2016.

(from the press release)

Titled Blue, their sophomore effort comprises of 10 tracks rooted in ‘90s shoegaze. Carrying forward a fleeting sense of nostalgia from their debut album, the five-piece have emerged with new ideas that were only hinted at in their previous material — ideas that are deeply personal, mature and emotionally resonant.

Fronted by guitarist/vocalist Bo, the album is a hazy document of the last two years that have transpired since the release of untitled — and everything else in between. “This album addresses a lot about people and relationships,” Bo says. “A couple of these songs are about people I’ve grown close to in my life — and dealing with the fallout of their absence. Blue is the condensation of these two strange years comprising of people, relationships and heavy emotions.”

This is a band finding its footing in a vibrant and eclectic music scene, but their ambitions have moved past gathering local indie attention — in a rare move for a Singaporean indie rock band, Blue features songs sung in Mandarin, and with it, soaring synths, brooding guitars and a healthy dose of warm distortion. It’s a potent combination bound to make waves in the region.

The dynamics within the band have also changed. While Cosmic Child started out as a project spearheaded by Bo, this album features contributions from a fresh line-up of musicians, along with co-founding guitarist Daniel Pei. “He’s improved a lot on guitar since our previous album, listening to much more music — especially punk rock and emo,” Bo says. “So our guitar tones are much more distorted, compared to the cleaner, jangly sound of our previous album.”

Blue’s spirit is best encapsulated by its first single, ‘Blue / Green’, an anthemic pop song dipped with atonal guitars and an unshakeable rhythmic energy.

These songs were also written with the help of new bassist/vocalist Joanne and Zhe Ren (synths). “Joanne sings on this album, and it has definitely created a different kind of mood and energy to the band,” he explains.




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