Showers Forecasted by Andrew Loh

andrew loh-clear skies

CLEAR SKIES – Inspired by sun loving plants. Pure glycerin soap leaves are infused with a variety of scents. Pick a fresh new leaf and scent for your shower each day.

andrew loh-monsoon rains

MONSOON RAINS – Multiple layered soap. Various natural exfoliating bath fibers are mixed into the various scented layers of soap. The layers erode away with each shower, revealing a new surface of exfoliating texture and scent.

andrew loh-sunny with isolated rains

SUNNY WITH ISOLATED RAINS – Twin set of hand made shower soaps with points to blissfully massage your daily cares away. Mild goat’s milk soap with a exfoliating merino wool felt outer layer.

andrew loh-partly cloudy

PARTLY CLOUDY – Hand made mild goat’s milk soap with a felted merino wool outer layer. Wool fibers are excellent as an exfoliating agent and its natural antibacterial quality renders it completely hygienic throughout its life. No more soggy soaps, it air dries completely after every shower by standing on its legs which doubles as handles when bathing.

andew loh-light breeze

LIGHT WINDS – Elegant and delicately scented shavings of soap petals.

SHOWERS FORECASTED is a series of handmade soaps devised by visual artist and industrial designer Andrew Loh. Based around meteorological terms, the minimally chic soaps will bring visual happiness and a sensorial experience for those who lather up.

“In tropical Singapore, the weather is reassuringly constant, some may say it is even boring as it is routinely either hot or raining outside. However, upon closer observation, we find that the weather has many distinct states and personalities. Similarly, SHOWERS FORECASTED is my re-imagination of how mundane daily rituals can offer moments of fun and delight. These objects will inspire a new appreciation for our daily showers, these rare and valuable moments of quiet respite in our buzzing fast paced, always connected lives.”

Andrew runs a design studio and his portfolio is full with engaging art, design installations and carefully crafted objects. Check it out!

Spotted! Moses Tan

Moses Tan-In Shadows

In Shadows

Moses Tan_Performing for the Casuarinas

Performing for the Casuarinas imagines acts of passion as slow waltz in which it is performed for the Casuarinas.

Moses tan-Hands on Back

Hands on Back started out as a plan for a video work and is depicted as a film still.

You cannot climb peony mountain

Having majored in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts, Moses Tan‘s work flits between disciplines and includes drawings, video and sound installations. “I was also formerly trained in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry and I’m interested in exploring ideas of poetry and allegories that can be found from theories in Chemistry.”

Mo’s work revolves around themes of queer politics and sociopolitical issues, and pulls inspiration from the theories of philosophers Judith Butler and Karen Barad. In 2016, he picked up the Winston Oh Travel Award which allowed him to travel to Beijing and extend his research on queer issues.

“The award allowed me to conduct field research in Beijing, which got me to look at ideas of corrective therapy for queer individuals. With that, ideas of denial and rejection helped to enhance my understanding of queer melancholia as a result of denial of desires so as to fit into a heteronormative society. Through my research trip, some of the methods of corrective therapy ranged from counselling to electroshock therapy and one of the methods used was to snap a rubber band on the wrist any time an ‘unwanted’ desire occurs. I also managed to survey two cruising sites which coincidentally had slopes where the cruising would normally occur. The work is a translation of all these ideas where a fictional mountain (the name is formed from the two parks that were the cruising sites) and in that way, posing the mountain as a metaphor for the body. Also inspired by a text by Karen Bermann about spaces and by the peony flower which is an unofficial national flower of China. I was interested in the metaphorical nature of the peony flower (which in Chinese is also mudane) which was then translated into a book where images of the sites were hidden.”

Banner Shuffle: Emmanuel Pang

Popsensical_April 2017

Popsensical is a series that explores the irresistible charm of ice cream that brings out the childlike moments in all of us no matter who we are. – Emmanuel Pang.

Kärsämäki’s Secret II by Trivia Goh

Trivia Goh-7

Trivia Goh-8

Trivia Goh-3

Trivia Goh-9

Trivia Goh-10

Trivia Goh-11

A graduate from the School of Art, Design and Media at the Nanyang Technological University,  Trivia Goh creates works that are primarily produced in charcoal. “It brings out a formal tone in my portraiture of the imaginary. I use watercolour and ink as well for quick thumb-nailing and drafts.”

Trivia’s works tend towards “the whimsical, often portraying otherworldly characters and beings as if to document them having had a place in my casual daydreaming world,” she tells Culturepush. Her work certainly taps into the world of imaginary creatures and bizarre stories within Kärsämäki’s Secret II, a series that began in a little Finnish town in March 2016.

“Following my return to Singapore, I expanded the collection to include watercolour works of these oddities in their otherworlds. The idea was to contrast the works created in a foreign land against the ones created back home to show how the environment and the experience of it affects the outcome. Each piece offers the audience a little slice of narrative that paints the trivialities in my life.”

Kärsämäki’s Secret II opens on April 6 and runs through 23 April at Utterly Art Gallery.

Spotted! Esther Vivienne Yeo

Esther Yeo-Mindless

Esther Yeo-Idle

Esther Yeo-The Girl - Sweet Rush 2016

Esther Yeo_ The Girl - Breakfast Darling 2016

For Esther Yeo her interest in portraiture started early 2014. She embarked on a self-learning journey to acquire the hard skills while getting inspiration from established photographers like Alex Prager, Ben Zank and Natalie Fong.

The Talent in the Arts Grant awarded by Ngee Ann Polytechnic in 2015 allowed Esther to attend the Contemporary Portraiture course at the SLADE School of Fine Art, London. In 2016, her photo series “The Girl” was exhibited at the NOISE 2016 Festival Exhibition.

Since then, Esther’s images have won her commissions from Singapore Symphony Orchestra and The Ordinary Co. “My photography largely revolves around feminine themes and I seek to explore colour in many aspects. I showcase my work on Instagram and hope to keep pushing creative boundaries.”

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