17th December by Howie Kim

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17th December
Oil on Canvas, 120 cm x 90 cm, Series of 3

Howie Kim graduated from LASALLE’s Diploma of Fine Arts course in 2016, and this year he joined the Degree course of Fine Arts. The paintings in his portfolio straddle the line between reality and fantasy, accentuated with a touch of gloominess. “I am part of a digital generation that has marked my childhood and influences the way I see things,” Howie explains. “Although my works are inspired by real life experiences, they are often quite the opposite of reality. Allowing my subconscious mind to take the lead in creating images of distorted figures and animals, I juxtapose them in a whimsical mysterious realm to portray sometimes disturbing narratives.”

The narrative in Howie’s 17th December series explores his experience with a personal loss. The work is packed with surreal elements which convey his emotional otherworld perfectly.

“Through the use of cryptic symbols, metaphors and representations, the series is a visual narration of my loss. Fantasy is employed as a devise of escapism, allowing me to comfortably express my thoughts, feelings and ideas. The creation of an imagined world deriving from an experience of loss is a personal journey and process which helps me understand and unravel certain aspects of myself, and at the same time expresses and evokes a mix of complex emotions.”

Contramemory by Michelle Maxine






An art teacher and freelance illustrator working predominantly around themes of memory, loss and human idiosyncrasies, GSA Bachelor of Arts graduate Michelle Maxine caught our eye with a publication that addresses amnesia in an alternated view.

Michelle explains: “Predominantly grasped negatively, contramemory explores the topic in an otherwise unaccepted positive light. Written in an autobiographical manner through my personal life as a vehicle for story making, it takes viewers into the life of May through a recollection of trivial memories, whimsical observations and commentaries. Though wholly seemingly trivial as a harmless regurgitation of random memories, contramemory explores ergodic literature, metaphorical illustrations and writings that subtly transcend the notions of amnesia and the reality of immutable tragic aspects that contribute to one’s life.”


Drop! Against All Odds by REQ

For Spotify


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(from the press release)

REQ’s debut EP is a bold statement from the UK born, Singapore based rapper. With a unique blend of sounds that stem from his upbringing in the UK’s ‘Grime’ culture to his Asian Roots, his EP ‘Against All Odds’ delivers something fresh that hasn’t been heard before.

With a mixture of storytelling tracks, hardhitters to songs with a pop feel, it is clear that REQ draws from his unique experiences living in different continents. Straight from the lyrical “Intro” to his first single from the EP ‘Know Me Like That’, it is clear that there is something for everyone on this project.

Born in Birkenhead, England, REQ has been steadily making his move from a behind-the- scenes role to the foreground of the music industry. From the young age of 15, he has tried his hand in a number of fields, from spoken word to an undefeated streak in battle rap that lasted for nearly 2 years. Since then, he has concentrated on more studio work, with songwriting credits on songs by notable Filipino artists such as Rayver Cruz and Yeng Constantino.

Now with the spread of the British grime culture and the acceptance of the British accent within the genre of Hip-Hop finally being digested worldwide, REQ’s debut EP could not be being released at a better time.







RIPPLE ROOT artists Liquan Liew and Estella Ng take us on a leisurely hike with their breezy, beautifully coloured illustrational representations of nature and wildlife.

“In our work is a distinct Southeast Asian ornamentation, seen in the dense, interwoven patterns that borrow from arabesque tiles and textiles. Folkloric elements, based upon naive renderings of birds and various wildlife are given a modern twist.”

RIPPLE ROOT’s work is regularly uploaded to Instagram. Follow them!

Animated Sundays: The Boy in the Whale Suit

The Boy in the Whale Suit
Marie Toh, Director & Writer – Michelle Wong, Animation – Kiki Teo, Producer – Hannah Lim, Sound – Phung Nhat Huy, Rigging
LASALLE College of the Arts

“We all see other people from our own perspective. Sometimes, we see something in the other person that no one else notices. In this short film, the story details the curious sense of identification between people through our little heroine – Daiyu. As a lonely child, Daiyu spends her days playing with her toy Godzilla on her little balcony. Soon, she was intrigued by the boy in the whale suit who walks pass her flat every day. One day, she decides to follow the strange boy…. and thus, began her little adventure and journey to uncovering his identity and discover the meaning of friendship.Main inspiration for The Boy in the Whale Suit is Australian illustrator Shaun Tan. His visual aesthetics and narratives have played an important role in shaping the film as it is.”

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