New Release! suadade by .gif

Photo by Chew Wei Shan.

weish and din make music under the name .gif, one of my favorite acts these days, and they just released a 4-track EP worth listening to from beginning to end, over and over again. I suggest you check out the stream above and judge for yourself, come back here to read the stuff from the press release, then go to their bandcamp site for immediate download.

(from the press release)

The Band

Pronounced |dot jif|, .gif is an electronic duo comprising weish (vocals, synths) and din (synths, beats, production). Being frequently occupied with other musical projects, they treat .gif as a space of freedom, respite, and honesty. Major influences include electronic acts such as The Analog Girl, Frou Frou, Thievery Corporation, and Thom Yorke. They also derive much inspiration from bands such as Alt-J and The xx, as well as many seminal Singaporean bands, such as Plainsunset and Serenaide. Much of .gif’s subject matter also draws from literature, from largely modernist writers such as Fitzgerald, Frost, and Beckett. The songs largely revolve around the modern condition and .gif aims to express these emotions in an intensely personal, and hopefully meaningful, way.

The Album

saudade is a Portuguese and Galician word that has no direct translation in English. It describes a felt emptiness or absence–a deep emotional state of nostalgic or deeply melancholic longing for an absent something or someone. It often carries the repressed knowledge that the object of longing will never return. Also described as “the love that remains”, and is the recollection of feelings, experiences, places or events that once brought excitement or pleasure. It is both a sad and happy feeling–sadness for missing and gladness for having experienced the memory.


Banner Shuffle: Melissa Tan

Let’s make Christmas rock for the homeless cats and dogs! – Melissa Tan.


Spotted! Lyn Averson

When Lyn Averson picked up photography, it was just another creative outlet, and it wasn’t until a fashion module in school that her interest in fashion photography came into play.

“From then on the possibilities of creating seemed endless, and that is what drew me into that world. My personal style tends to lean towards dark, seductive or edgy, but I refuse to be put in a box. I thrive on creating works in different styles, and I often draw inspiration from my favorite photographers, Steven Klein, Mert Marcus and Helmut Newton.”

The featured Smoke & Mirrors series plays on how women exploit their sexuality and femininity to their advantage. I suggest you peer at the other images in the four-part series over on Lyn’s site, and while you do, check out her commercial work. As you can see, she’s rather good at it.


Project Plug: Foundin, A City Installation

Foundin Singapore is a city installation of tiny figurines, planted in public places and waiting to be found between 8 and 19 January 2014. The project seeks to close the gap between Art and the People by challenging the pre-conceived notion of Art and the space that Art occupies. Integrating Art into public common spaces, the figurines disrupt one’s preoccupation in the metropolis and ask city dwellers to be more aware of their surroundings and notice the small details.

By shrinking human figures to miniature plastic models, Foundin challenges to simplify our human connection by removing the many pre-conceived biases based on physicality and social difference. All figurines in Foundin are individuals seeking to be found in one way or another, just like every one of us. The project places a miniature city within a city and explores how we, the higher and larger beings, interact with much smaller counterparts. Even if none of the figurines are found, it still speaks volumes of the city.

Starting today, the hand painted figurines are available online for ‘adoption’…

How does it work?

  1. Go to the Foundin website and register. It’s free!
  2. Choose a figurine and write a message for the ‘finder’
  3. Between 8 and 19 January 2014, the adopted figurines will be planted all over Singapore, waiting to be found
  4. The finder scans the QR code of the figurine to log the find

The heart of Foundin is the online count of “Found” figurines which hopefully inspires a growing audience to head out and actively explore the city in detail; to notice art in a different scale and perspective.

LIKE the  Foundin Facebook page  for updates or follow the portraits of the figurines in other cities on Instagram @foundinsg.

Foundin Singapore is a commission for the M1 Singapore FringeFestival, themed Art & the People.


Eason Chow’s FIREARC

YouTube Preview Image

Eason Chow is a final year undergraduate at the National University of Singapore (NUS), Division of Industrial Design with a few really cool projects under his belt. One of them – the FIREARC  – even made it to the finals in the 2013 Red Dot Design Concept competition and  Spark Design.

Check out the video above and then come back here to read Eason’s technical explanation.

“In the event of an outbreak of fire, the availability of a fully operational fire extinguisher is crucial. However, due to the lack of maintenance and the limited lifespan of a pressurised fire extinguisher, there is a possibility that it might fail in times of need. With regards to fire safety, we should not take chances. Chancing upon the idea of using chemical reaction to inflate a lifejacket which is another object related to safety, the idea of using a simple twisting action and the creation of an instant chemical reaction such as bicarbonate salts and acid to produce a massive amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) can be incorporated to streamline the use of the fire extinguisher. As the substance used is stored separately in a non-pressurized form before use and only mixed when in need, the FIREARC extinguisher offers an expiry date far exceeding the conventional pressurized CO2 fire extinguishers.”


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