Project Plug: Home Store-ies by Zinkie Aw

Home Store-ies is a series about the Other Room at home, the Storeroom. The room that we like to keep out of sight. As many families spring-clean and decoy away storerooms from visitors during the Chinese New Year, here they are, unreservedly in the limelight, for once. I guess these variation of storerooms collectively have the power to depict city-living for most of us. They tell stories about a consumerist culture, and a tend towards hoarding sometimes, with all the excess storage space that we carve out at home.” – Zinkie Aw.


Spotted! Tan Ying Wei

Art hobbyist Tan Ying Wei does a cracking job of intertwining lines. Her compositions are wonderful, though we can’t always work out what’s going on. Do we care? Nah, not really.

“The eyes seem to follow the flow of the lines running across and around the entire illustration, linking the various disparate elements together. Interconnected – It is as though art seeks to represent the aspects of life, while life reveals itself through art.”


Spotted! Tan Wei

The subject matter of the featured series is really images of reflections in a window. 17-year-old Tan Wei  loves staring out the window, and experiments with the atmospheres she captures; at times intimate and fragile, at others a reflection upon concepts of life and existence.

“I find it to be a very intimate process which allows me to reflect upon life. Growing up also tends to make one more self-aware of their own character and nature and the happenings in life. My images deal with my fears and with the unknown. In the shot with the butterfly for example, the question that came to mind was “What do I do now, if I am just as whimsical and insubstantial as a glided butterfly?”


Spotted! Beatrice Png

Life is like a box of donuts … Mmmm, donuts … Oh, I’d sell my soul for a donut. Ahhh Donuts… Is there anything they can’t do? Mmmm, forbidden donut. This donut has purple in the middle, purple is a fruit. — Homer Simpson.

Inspired exclusively by Homer Simpson’s obsession with donuts, Beatrice Png‘s Donut Ovah Do it series is bursting with girls downing boxloads of the sweet confectionary creations.

“It was fun to create this persona out of the donuts into greedy girls. Furthermore, I do enjoy playing with words hence the series’ name “Donut Ovah Do It” which basically translates to Do not over do it.”

Beatrice graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with a diploma in Graphic Design in 2013 and is now working as an in-house designer at WWW Concepts. “My work tends to be slightly organic and quirky, incorporating subtle messages. I find my inspiration to design in books, architecture, television shows, nature and my beliefs.”



Spotted! Chris Chai

Would you look at this! Having only recently graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York, Chris Chai spends his days with pen and ink, yielding extraordinary illustrations with expert attention to detail.

His latest jawdropping series – The Bovinian Assembly (first two images) – scores a bullseye as far as we’re concerned. Chris: “The series is inspired by the bulls portrayed in the present and in ancient mythology, various cultures and religions. The idea was to illustrate each bull-figure in a manner depicting their majesty, monstrosity or power.”

Chris plies his trade as a freelance illustrator and – occasionally – as a graphic designer. His website is a visual feast, so watch this space!


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