Spotted! Juwaidi Jumanto

From the fresh grad submissions rolling in, we picked the work of 22-year-old Juwaidi Jumanto. Having spent a couple of years studying Design Communication at LASALLE College Of The Arts, he emerged with some tasteful projects.

Here’s Juwaidi for you …

“I have a deep passion towards design – typeface and publication in particular. I am extremely fond of exploring various mediums, be it crafted or digitally done, I’m always eager to keep my learning gears moving.  I also appreciate minimalist art. It simply portrays a personal expression that’s kept to a minimum and visually connects to the audience which is my cup of tea. My love for design doesn’t stop there. Nature, food and people – 3 things  I love -intrigue me and because of that, I’m inspired and passionate towards design.”


Project Plug: Ryan Chang’s Melancholia

“Melancholia is an exploration of conveying emotions relative to 18th century Romanticism paintings, through contemporary photography. Painters like John Martin and Caspar David Friedrich had put out timeless works that conveyed awe, sorrow, apprehension and many other emotions through their respective brand of Romanticism, be it biblical stories or atmospheric landscapes.

Traditionally, Romanticism is a manifestation of the artist’s feelings and imagination, ranging from political agendas to purely of personal experiences. The Lake District in Cumbria was the stage for “Melancholia”, where personal thoughts were turned into photographs, just as how the Romantic painters William Turner and John Constable had turned theirs into paintings.

As the work began to take shape, it seemed that a sense of melancholy had unconsciously crept up into all the images. If this was truly my state of mind as a photographer, then you are indeed looking at photographic Romanticism.” – Ryan Chang.

Ryan is in his last month of Foundation Diploma (Photography) at the London College of Communication and has been confirmed to continue a BA (Hons) Photography at the same uni.


Enter ‘My Kind of Town’

YouTube Preview Image

Unless you’ve spent the last couple of weeks in a hole, you’ll have seen My Kind of Town,  the multimedia feature about the people of Potong Pasir and their former Member of Parliament, Mr Chiam See Tong.

The feature is the final-year project by four students of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (NTU) each with a different skill set, and earlier this week they launched a website which gives you unfettered virtual access to the Potong Pasir community from 6am till 12am.

Meet the team …

Cara Chiang, the team’s producer. “It was a real challenge to undertake such an ambitious project within the short time that we had. But it’s rewarding to have covered such a meaningful and important topic.”

Edward Teo, the team’s photographer. “As much as the team had created content over the months, we also learnt a lot about Singapore politics and Potong Pasir in the process. Although there were often endless nights of work, it was never boring for us.”

Sulaiman Daud, the team’s editor and writer. “When we started I knew Mr Chiam was a fairly successful politician, but over the course of the project I was struck by the immense respect for him from nearly everyone we spoke to. Potong Pasir residents, politicians, academics – even if they didn’t agree with his views they respected the hard work he put into the estate over his career. For me it demonstrated that a life of service is never regretted.”

Wong Kar Weng, the team’s videographer. “Embarking on this project was fraught with much uncertainty and self-doubt. Nonetheless, I was glad to follow this project through to the end because we saw a story that deserves to be documented.”

We just love it when students go the whole hog!


Project Plug: Shawna’s Origami Bustier

Photography – Mika Orotea, Styling/Model/Designer – Shawna Wu.

“My Origami Bustier is made up of hand crafted origami flowers recycled from used brown paper envelopes and carefully hand-slotted together to form an intricate and delicate yet also very wearable piece.” –  Shawna Wu

Shawna is about as multidisciplinary as they come; she is a fashion student at Parsons The New School for Design, has an extensive fine-arts background, does traditional darkroom photography, and produces some mighty fine illustrations.

Well worth keeping an eye on!


Spotted! Marie Toh

For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withers, and the flower thereof falls away (1 Peter 1:24).

“In my pursuit of art, I constantly remind myself that my works will not last forever, so I focus on impacting the viewer with an emotion. It does not need to be a tangible emotion, just an emotional connection, even just for a fleeting moment.”

Poems, music and stories are a main source of inspiration for LASALLE’s  soon-to-be Animation graduate Marie Toh. “I love translating words into images and injecting my emotions into them. I like to put my twist on each illustration, hinting at something subtle thus provoking the viewer to wonder what the image means.”



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