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Qing Sheng had us well and truly enchanted with his final year project, “Affinity: Our Song“, a music video with original music written by Joy Woong and Joanne Jeow and arranged by  Moon Chew.

In the meantime the MV made the rounds of various festivals including the 7th Kinofest (Romania), the Golden Orchid International Animation Festival 2013 (Pennsylvania) and the 3rd Animax Skopje Animation Festival (Macedonia). They also bagged Best Artist Award at the 15th TBS Digicon6.

Qing Sheng about his video: “Affinity: Our Song” is a music video for an original chinese song entitled “Affinity” inspired by Japanese aesthetics, Taiwanese MTVs, and local places that were close to our heart. The music video features a story of a person who waits and the person whom he is waiting for, and whether affinity can bring these two people back together again.”

Aspiring animation filmmaker Qing Sheng graduated from NTU School of Art, Design & Media in 2013 with a BFA in Digital Animation and has achieved first class honors for his degree as well as the dean’s list award for two consecutive years. He is now teaching in LASALLE’s Animation programme.


CNY: Naiise Things For Good Fortune

Choy Charm Keychain designed by Singapore Souvenirs with FARM  – Choy Charm Necklace designed by Singapore Souvenirs with FARM – Huat Kueh Tote Bag designed by Wheniwasfour – Pigxel Piggy Bank by Randy Chan, ZARCH COLLABORATIVES – Everybody Huat Ah T-Shirt designed by Statement – Peranakan Coffee Table designed by art from junk –  A Bag of Gold designed by Yong Jieyu – Hong Bao designed by FARM.

Our new outfit is finally hanging in our closet. So, what else needs to be done as we gear up for CNY? We need to stock up on stuff to boost our good fortune of course.

The Naiise folks have a serious way with the art of shopping for quirky-cool design products, and they curated a collection just for us. Think a block of wood to dispel and neutralise unlucky omens, a Huat Kueh representing wealth and prosperity, a T that says “Everyone, let’s get rich” and more.



Project Plug: #typesettingsg by Sun Yao Yu

The #typesettingsg project by Sun Yoa Yu is totally worth making a fuss about. Letterpress typesetting is a slow, most intricate process and the pieces of print  produced using this tactile technique are simply beautiful.

“It is basically a personal project to promote this traditional printing method using handset types. The handset typesetting era started in the 15th century and ended in the 70s, replaced with modern ways of printing. Although there has been a revival of letterpress, studios often use photo-polymer plates. The handset type printing method has been long forgotten. #typesettingsg also serves as the # for twitter and instagram to encourage more interaction with the public.” – Yao Yu.

This man deserves some serious respect!



Project Plug: Candy Crush as a National Pastime?

Candy Crush Saga, the game, feels like a big National Pastime to me. Everywhere I go, I see people with those candy screens. I wanted to capture these snippets, talk to these people from all ages, understand their craze with the crushing, and show bits and pieces of my country, Singapore. As part of my personal work each year, I like to document and embark on a trend story. Hence I decided to sum up the year 2013 with this photo series. I hope it resonates with people living in this same space as me.” – Zinkie Aw.

Disclaimer: Zinkie assured us that no ‘lives’ were lost in photographing the subjects.


CNY: All Eyes on You by Shentonista

(left) Mu(right) The Society of Black Sheep

(left) Mash-Up –  (right) Headline Seoul

(left) MLAB Holdings (right) Yesah

(left) Emblem – (right) Yuki Mitsuyasu

Chinese New Year is (nearly) upon us and the occasion demands a dose of razzle-dazzle. We totally neglected our outfit, but the generous lot at Shentonista told us that a few quick additions would have us glamorized with minimum time and hassle.

They agreed to pay a visit to Workshop Element and oomph up our wardrobe with some local goodness. So long, boring outfits; hello colorful knockouts!


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