Banner Gallery

Every month, we invite an artist to design the Culturepush banner. If you’d like to submit a design, check out the design guidelines.

February 2017: Damien Soh


January 2017: Rachele Ho


December 2016: Miyako Miiya


November 2016: Germaine Lim


October 2016: Megan Low

Banner Design

September 2016: Lawrence Poh

The LULO Store

August 2016: Captain Lulo

July 2016: Binary Style

June 2016: Heizel Jia Xin

May 2016: Sherlock Sam

April 2016: Slik Studios

March 2016: Juliana Tan

February 2016: Black Mongrels

January 2016: ROOMISM

December 2015: PaintInks by Melt

November 2015: PAYNK

October 2015: OH!

September 2015: Erika Tay

August 2015: Marvin Tang

July 2015: Juria Toramae

June 2015: Momshoo

May 2015: DOUBLE

April 2015: Ying Xian A.

March 2015: Saraphina Ching

February 2015: Chewy Toons

January 2015: twisstii

December 2014: Love, Ly

November 2014: BricksBen Creations

October 2014: Cherngzhi Lian

September 2014: Lee Xin Li

August 2014: Lee Chang Ming

July 2014: Keith Teo

June 2014: Wen Shumin

May 2014: Beatrice Png

April 2014: Sharlene Leong

March 2014: Yeo Tze Yang

February 2014: Kolarge

January 2014: Clarence Wee

December 2013: Melissa Tan

November 2013: Xinleh

October 2013: Williem Siddik

September 2013: Allysa Sing

August 2013: Wilfred Weegee

July 2013: Pamm Hong

June 2013: Tetuko Hanggoro

May 2013: Hadi Muhsin

April 2013: Dan Wong

March 2013: Vanessa Lim

February 2013: Darius Ou

January 2013: Low Zirong

December 2012: Andre Wee

November 2012: Kelyn Lau

October 2012: Zhou Huiling

September 2012: Tan Hui Tian

August 2012: Phu

July 2012: Guojie

June 2012: Dorcas Ng

May 2012: Preston Tham

April 2012: Natalie Low

March 2012: Diana Goh

February 2012: Chuan Choong

January 2012: Joan Chong

December 2011: Desmond Chua

November 2011: Ashlyn Wong

October 2011: Kaiyee Tay

September 2011: Sun Lee Siew Loo

August 2011: Clio_DX

July 2011: Joyce Lee

June 2011: Najmah Salam

May 2011: Ahmed Naseer

April 2011: Hafizah Jainal

March 2011: Miao Hanqing

February 2011: Shahrul K

January 2011: Eric Foenander

December 2010: Qixuan Lim

November 2010: Anton Tang

October 2010: Sciencewerk

September 2010: Peter Ong

August 2010: Benjamin Koh

July 2010: Timothy Sim

June 2010: Clogtwo

May 2010: Sze Sze Ong

April 2010: Elaine Lee


March 2010: Ernest Lim


February 2010 : Kristal Melson


January 2010: Celesteanning

Banner: Heage

December 2009: hëage


November 2009: Winnie Goh


October 2009: Wang Xun


September 2009: Ariyani Hartanto

Cherie Tan

August 2009: Cherie Tan


July 2009: Twistii

Dawn Tan

June 2009: Dawn Tan


May 2009: Oats & Sparkle


April 2009: Ryan Sham


March 2009: Lee Li Xian

Alvelyn Alko

February 2009: Alvelyn Alko


January 2009: xiaobaosg


December 2008: hëage

Afiq Norzali

November 2008: Afiq Norzali


October 2008: Djohan Johari


September 2008: Hao

ben quek

August 2008: Mr B

July 2008: Sciencewerk

Pixelpastry Banner

June 2008: Pixelpastry

Ribbon Rabbit Banner

May 2008: RibbonRabbit

Catmasutra Banner

April 2008: Catmasutra

Melly Banner

March 2008: Melly

Foon Fono Banner

Febraury 2008: Foon Fono

Sokkuan Banner

January 2008: Sokkuan

Fadedcrimson Banner

December 2007: Fadedcrimson


November 2007: Kuanth

Adeline’s Banner

October 2007: Adeline

OneTwoDelta Banner

September 2007: OneTwoDelta


August 2007: Mujiri


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