The Culturepush banner is a place of pride on the website and we are constantly on the lookout for innovative, intriguing and simply beautiful design pieces to be featured on it. If you have a design — it could be an illustration, photograph, digital art etc. — that deserves some attention, submit it to us for consideration.


As we are a Singapore-centric blog supporting Singapore-based talent, we welcome submissions from artists born, living and working in Singapore.

Submission Address

Submit your work to design [at]

Format and Size

Send us your illustration, digital art, collage, installation piece, photograph, Jesus on toast creation. Save your design as a gif, jpg or psd. Provide designs that are 965px wide by 220px tall, as well as a brief bio telling a little about yourself, your work and what you do.


Please submit work that you own the rights to or that you have licence to share, reuse and remix legally. For more information, read about Creative Commons licences.


If we use your work, the banner will be published on every page and you will be credited in the sidebar for the period that your design is displayed. Once it’s taken down, it will enjoy a permanent place in our banner gallery with a link to your personal website or contact information.



Culturepush tracks cool stuff in art, culture and design in Singapore.

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