Spotted! Moses Tan

Moses Tan-In Shadows

In Shadows

Moses Tan_Performing for the Casuarinas

Performing for the Casuarinas imagines acts of passion as slow waltz in which it is performed for the Casuarinas.

Moses tan-Hands on Back

Hands on Back started out as a plan for a video work and is depicted as a film still.

You cannot climb peony mountain

Having majored in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts, Moses Tan‘s work flits between disciplines and includes drawings, video and sound installations. “I was also formerly trained in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry and I’m interested in exploring ideas of poetry and allegories that can be found from theories in Chemistry.”

Mo’s work revolves around themes of queer politics and sociopolitical issues, and pulls inspiration from the theories of philosophers Judith Butler and Karen Barad. In 2016, he picked up the Winston Oh Travel Award which allowed him to travel to Beijing and extend his research on queer issues.

“The award allowed me to conduct field research in Beijing, which got me to look at ideas of corrective therapy for queer individuals. With that, ideas of denial and rejection helped to enhance my understanding of queer melancholia as a result of denial of desires so as to fit into a heteronormative society. Through my research trip, some of the methods of corrective therapy ranged from counselling to electroshock therapy and one of the methods used was to snap a rubber band on the wrist any time an ‘unwanted’ desire occurs. I also managed to survey two cruising sites which coincidentally had slopes where the cruising would normally occur. The work is a translation of all these ideas where a fictional mountain (the name is formed from the two parks that were the cruising sites) and in that way, posing the mountain as a metaphor for the body. Also inspired by a text by Karen Bermann about spaces and by the peony flower which is an unofficial national flower of China. I was interested in the metaphorical nature of the peony flower (which in Chinese is also mudane) which was then translated into a book where images of the sites were hidden.”


Enter ‘My Kind of Town’

YouTube Preview Image

Unless you’ve spent the last couple of weeks in a hole, you’ll have seen My Kind of Town,  the multimedia feature about the people of Potong Pasir and their former Member of Parliament, Mr Chiam See Tong.

The feature is the final-year project by four students of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (NTU) each with a different skill set, and earlier this week they launched a website which gives you unfettered virtual access to the Potong Pasir community from 6am till 12am.

Meet the team …

Cara Chiang, the team’s producer. “It was a real challenge to undertake such an ambitious project within the short time that we had. But it’s rewarding to have covered such a meaningful and important topic.”

Edward Teo, the team’s photographer. “As much as the team had created content over the months, we also learnt a lot about Singapore politics and Potong Pasir in the process. Although there were often endless nights of work, it was never boring for us.”

Sulaiman Daud, the team’s editor and writer. “When we started I knew Mr Chiam was a fairly successful politician, but over the course of the project I was struck by the immense respect for him from nearly everyone we spoke to. Potong Pasir residents, politicians, academics – even if they didn’t agree with his views they respected the hard work he put into the estate over his career. For me it demonstrated that a life of service is never regretted.”

Wong Kar Weng, the team’s videographer. “Embarking on this project was fraught with much uncertainty and self-doubt. Nonetheless, I was glad to follow this project through to the end because we saw a story that deserves to be documented.”

We just love it when students go the whole hog!


Welcome to Masterpieces, A Digital Art Gallery

Atlantis I by Dawn Ng

The Ultimate Visual Dictionary by Milenko Prvacki

Painting by a Macaque on a GALAXY Note by Robert Zhao Ren Hui

(from the press release)

Samsung Electronics Co., recently launched Masterpieces, a digital art gallery with a collection of contributed artworks by established and emerging artists created with the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 LTE.

To further fuel the discovery of new talents, Samsung worked with selected art schools such as LASALLE, School of the Arts (SOTA) and Raffles Design Institute (RDI) in Singapore. As part of their course curriculum, students were invited to contribute creative artworks created on the GALAXY Note 10.1 LTE.

A total of 32 selected student works are now displayed in the gallery. These were reviewed and unanimously selected by a panel of industry veterans including Masterpieces curator, Iola Lenzi, artist and filmmaker, Ho Tzu Nyen, Esplanade’s Visual Arts programming officer, Tamares Goh and arts journalist from The Straits Times, Deepika Shetty. These artworks were selected based on the students’ ability to maximise the use of technology as they relate stories through their creations.


Viddsee x Singapore Short Film Awards

Viddsee partners with Singapore Short Film Awards (SSFA) 2013 to showcase nominated short films from past editions of SSFA. The new online social watching platform, streams short films from Southeast Asia and streamlines the process of discovering, watching and sharing regional stories for a global online audience.

Viddsee is co-founded by filmmaker-engineers Ho Jia Jian and Derek Tan. The duo is passionate about the marriage between art and technology and aims to grow the community of short film audience by enabling a wide and accessible market reach for short films.

“Working with local filmmakers and film festivals to make local content accessible is key to grooming our local content audience. We have collaborated with local filmmakers like Kelvin Sng and Ray Pang in premiering their short films online. For this year’s SSFA, which runs at The Substation from the 25th February to 3rd March, SSFA will showcase some of its nominated films from last year’s awards on Viddsee. Audience can expect a line-up of 9 short films with one film released everyday at 7pm starting from 15th February 2013 .

Visit the Viddsee Facebook page for the full film schedule.


Spotted! Marc Chen

Marc Chen is a Creative and Art Director specializing in motion design, and I think we can all agree that he is mighty good at what he does. The man has eight years of industry experience ranging from post – production houses to advertising agencies. Over the course of his career, his work has received several accolades including Promax/BDA Asia 2005 – Best Drama Campaign (Gold) – Desperate Housewives , Promax/BDA Asia 2006 – Best Movie Campaign (Silver) – Lord of the Rings.

“My approach to motion graphics methodology is to ‘develop from a simple idea’ and ‘always plan ahead’.

Snoop around Marc’s Vimeo account for more high quality work.


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