The Dada Record: Ivanho Harlim

Hi, I’m Ivanho Harlim. I’m an Indonesian-born, Singapore based photographer. Through my fashion work, I explore notions of solitude, youth and self, and try to challenge conventional perceptions of glamour and beauty. A long-time collaborator to Woods & Woods, I’ve had a string of exhibitions alongside it. I wish to explore more architectural and spatial subjects as an extension to fashion. MORE »


The Dada Record: Zxerokool

Hello, I’m Jonathan and I operate my own design studio ZXEROKOOL. I handle design and illustration work for clients in the publishing, advertising, entertainment and finance industries. In my spare time I work on my own t-shirt label and fiddle with personal art and design projects. You may have seen my work in the recent Tiger Beer Translate ‘Merge’ book, FiRST Movie Magazine, or on the cover of the upcoming edition of magazine. Besides my design work I love to indulge in green tea, air-conditioning, movies and comic books. MORE »


The Dada Record: Justin Lee

The Dada Record: Justin Lee

Hi, my name is Justin Lee. I am a fine artist and graphic designer and my work has been recognized through commissions by the Singapore Art Museum, the Esplanade and the New Majestic Hotel. My art reflects a fine sense of contemporary design flavored with an essence of Singapore traditions. The themes in my work underscore familiar Asian cultures with a pop treatment that celebrates Asian values in an endearing tongue in cheek manner. I was awarded the Mont Blanc Young Artist World Patronage Project in Hamburg (Germany) in 2006, and scholarships to LASALLE and NAFA.


Untill October 2008: Mural in the basement lobby of the Singapore Art Museum. MORE »


The Dada Record: Alvin Tan

I am Alvin Tan and I am part of :phunk studio, a creative collective that propagates a visual signature that seamlessly blends diverse influences into a singular creative thought that never fails to revive itself in the ever-fleeting world of art, design and culture. Our cross-disciplinary approach is best described as “an aesthetic collective consciousness” focused on experimenting with new approaches to visual expressions. MORE »


The Dada Record: Grace Tan

Photography: Ming

Hello! My name is Grace Tan and I am a clothing designer/artist. I started kwodrent in 2003 as a project to explore design in a new light. kwodrent is a progressive series of original works based on the study of rectangles, referenced to materials and construction methods. Each design/work in the collection is numbered and dated to form a chronological record of the development. kwodrent hopes to challenge how clothes are designed and perceived. For now, it has served as a starting point for exciting new discussions and collaborations.


November: Utterubbish, curated by Jackson Tan at the Singapore Design Festival
Later this year: kwodrent’s winter edition series will be available at 59 broadwick street
December & February: V.I.S.T.A.Lab, a collaboration with Choy Ka Fai of Theatreworks MORE »


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