Spotted! Esther Vivienne Yeo

Esther Yeo-Mindless

Esther Yeo-Idle

Esther Yeo-The Girl - Sweet Rush 2016

Esther Yeo_ The Girl - Breakfast Darling 2016

For Esther Yeo her interest in portraiture started early 2014. She embarked on a self-learning journey to acquire the hard skills while getting inspiration from established photographers like Alex Prager, Ben Zank and Natalie Fong.

The Talent in the Arts Grant awarded by Ngee Ann Polytechnic in 2015 allowed Esther to attend the Contemporary Portraiture course at the SLADE School of Fine Art, London. In 2016, her photo series “The Girl” was exhibited at the NOISE 2016 Festival Exhibition.

Since then, Esther’s images have won her commissions from Singapore Symphony Orchestra and The Ordinary Co. “My photography largely revolves around feminine themes and I seek to explore colour in many aspects. I showcase my work on Instagram and hope to keep pushing creative boundaries.”

Of All Things I Choose To See

Of All Things I Choose To See 1

Of All Things I Choose To See 2

Of All Things I Choose To See 3

Of All Things I Choose To See 4

Of All Things I Choose To See 5

Of All Things I Choose To See 6

We came across Chong Ying Ying’s work at Undescribed #2, DECK’S annual platform conceived to present the next generation of local emerging image-makers.

Her series titled Of All Things I Choose to See is about “urban spaces that are often overlooked or may not be immediately registered – such as liminal spaces – are revisited, and reformed to be experienced with more care and observance. To reconnect with a physical space that is so alien yet familiar at the same time. A space that many pass but never linger. Its presence slowly reduced with every passing, to nothing but an echo, so subtle. Living on quietly, in the back of your mind.”

Ying Ying is a Fine Arts graduate from LASALLE, and her practice mainly builds around her encounters and fascination of the undefined spaces of the urban environment. “I seek to reconcile with these spaces, spending time at these places and reforming them through my works.”

More amazing work on Ying Ying’s website. Check it out!

A Month In Seoul by Cherine Wee

Cherine Wee is a communication designer working in the marketing/creative sector. Last year she put together a self-initiated publication that documents her one month travel in Seoul.

“A Month in Seoul is designed in the form of a photo travelogue diary, and acts as a memento that records my experience living and getting around Seoul like a local. Through my eyes, I share photographs and personal thoughts on my time spent there, on the places I went to, the culture, sights, aesthetic details and mood I’ve experienced.”

Behind the publication: “What started out as an ‘escape’ travel stint ended up as one that allowed me to rediscover myself in my 20 something years, to get lost in a foreign city– both physically and metaphorically, and to find myself through losing myself. It was the resolve to go wherever and do whatever my heart desired. The inspiration and decision to produce this publication was born out of the thought to share my personal experience, to encourage someone out there to take time for rest from the busyness of everyday life and a constant reminder to never lose your sense of wonder and wander. This goes out to all the seekers and dreamers alike.”

Available for purchase at  Actually, Basheer and BooksActually.
A Month in Seoul including 1x publication, 1x set of yours to keep notecards is available only at That Summer in Seoul [postcard diary pack] is available only at

Permanent Resident by Nadia Ongkowidjaja

Nadia Ongkowidjaja1

Nadia Ongkowidjaja2

Nadia Ongkowidjaja3

Nadia Ongkowidjaja4

Nadia Ongkowidjaja5

Nadia Ongkowidjaja just knew that she wanted to work in a creative field, and once she entered NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media, she narrowed it down to Photography and Digital Imaging. “I decided to follow my passion. I grew to love photography and I enjoy capturing the essence of people and places in my stills.”

“Permanent Resident examines Nadia’s “perplexed life”. “I consider myself to be perplexed, as my roots are unknown to me and I am consequently unsure of who I am,” explains the photographer. “My citizenship and place of residence were decided by the previous generation and hence I have never lived in nor know my native country. I therefore reside in a land that I consider home and yet do not fully belong. Thus, my understanding of how I came to be is minimal, and standing in society, fairly questionable.”

Close Enough by Charmaine Poh

Close Enough-1

Close Enough-2

Close Enough-3

Close Enough-4

Close Enough-5

Charmaine Poh has unveiled her latest work, a story about the rights of LGBT people through the use of Cambodian wedding rituals. The images were taken during the Angkor Photo Festival in Siem Reap, and have been showcased on the Invisible Photographer Asia platform.

“A wedding is often a mark of this approval; it is considered an ideal to reach for. Yet love does not fit neatly into boxes, and one does not always find it. Unceasingly, we try to grasp a thing we cannot name. Through the use of Khmer wedding rituals, I illustrate stories of those who, in society’s eyes, can only look to possessing this from afar.”

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