The three recipients of this year’s Open Call will be presenting work-in-progress previews of their visual, performance and sound art projects this July. While the final projects will be exhibited and performed during The Substation’s annual SeptFest arts festival in September, these work-in-progress previews will give audiences a sneak-peek into the works of these three young Singaporean artists. Sound Art Open Call: Wagon
 by Joel Ong. Work-in-Progress Presentation: The Substation Theatre, Saturday 14 July, 2pm. Visual Art Open Call: Path.1 by Boedi Widjaja
. Work-in-Progress Presentation: The Substation Theatre, Monday 23 July, 7.30pm
. Performance Open Call: 
Pretty Things 
by Patricia Toh
. Work-in-Progress presentation: The Substation Theatre, Monday 30 July, 7.30pm.



DISplaced’ is a self-funded long term project by photojournalist Zann Huizhen Huang who started documenting the plight of people who had been rendered homeless by disaster, conflicts and other socio-political issues since 2005. Images from the Palestinian Refugee camps in Lebanon, the IDP camps in Iraqi Kurdistan where villagers had been displaced by the bombings of the Iranian military, scenes of the living conditions one year after the Indonesian tsunami and homeless drug addicts in Cambodia will be presented in this exhibition. In bringing out the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity, Zann hopes to create awareness on the plight of these displaced people which till date, have not garnered much deserved media attention. Print Gallery, 16 – 22 Jul. Free Admission.



Tolla Duke Contemporary @ Give Art Space announce their participation in the inaugural photographic edition of the fair, VIP Photo. In a month‐long web expo from the 11th of July to the 12th of August 2012, the fair’s focus on the medium of photography will engage visitors with both modern and contemporary photography, tracing the ways in which the lens has changed the way we see the world around us. As part of the world’s first online‐only art fair, VIP Photo has upgraded the model of the art fair with mobile accessibility, social media integration, and live discussion, offering visitors the opportunity to create, customise, and share profiles and virtual tours of their favourite artworks. Unlike more traditional art fairs, which tend toward exclusivity (whether by location, duration, or other circumstances) VIP Photo empowers artists, galleries, art lovers and collectors the world over, functioning as a platform for them to connect on their own terms, in their own time. Tolla Duke Contemporary will be showcasing photographic works by critically acclaimed local and international artists Genevieve Chua (SG), Emma Critchley (UK), Hoang Duong Cam (VN), Michael Lee (SG), Mintio (SG), Jason Wee (SG), and Robert Zhao (SG). Ranging from Jason Wee’s and Genevieve Chua’s interrogations of the underlying processes of photography, to Emma Critchley’s explorations of the shifts in perception afforded by underwater photography, or Hoang Duong Cam’s remixes of history writ small and large, each of the artists showcased by Tolla Duke Contemporary offers the viewer intriguing and thought‐provoking perspectives of photography. 12 July ‐ 12 August. Free entry with online registration.



 END FOR END is a graduation exhibition that is being put up by the 10th cohort of the SIM-RMIT Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) students from 30 June – 2 July. In this three-day public event, 82 students from the SIM-RMIT Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) programme be showcasing their works to depict how design can be applied to connect ideas and people. Over three days, visitors can expect to see the works of the students depicted in an interactive exhibition booths to showcase CONNECTION in everyday life. 30 June (6pm to 10pm), 1 July (10am to 8pm) & 2 July (10am to 6pm) at The Arts House, The Gallery, 1, Old Parliament Lane.




Pop art is dead. Or is it really? The boundaries between the street and the gallery, the precious and the banal have become increasingly vague. Aesthetics and substantiality of meaning are subjective concepts that weave in and out of current artistic trends. What does it mean these days to have a unique voice when our culture demands instant gratification and thrives on popularity? ANTI – KITSCH is a pseudo mockery of this society of idolatry. We want art with substance. Satire, humour and personal experiences inject these glossy facades with a deeper meaning. But how much is meaning worth when inherently our expressions are a reflection of our own mindless culture? Similarly, culture feeds off these expressions and moulds them into the next collectible fad. ANTI – KITSCH signifies this dichotomy. The future could be in bright technicolour or minimal and sombre, whichever way you choose to see it. Curated by Lee Shuxian. Featuring Zinkie Aw, Joe Chung, Johannah Fong, Ivy Lee and Eunice Lim. 6-27 July at 5footway atelier.



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