The Super Lard Bros OST: Free Download


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The Super Lard Bros OST is conceptualised as a soundtrack to an imaginary console game. The game is a rehash of games in the 80’s Nintendo side-scrolling classics such as Super Mario Brothers and Double Dragon. Being working middle-class adults, the duo known as The Lard Brothers do not have the resources to develop the game.

However, they did manage to come out with the soundtrack which is an album of remixes of Singapore music acts. Each remix is a re-imagination of the original tune, re-conceptualising rock songs and electronic lullabies into hip-hop tunes. Unlike its predecessor Forest Action Team which is a mixbag of originals and covers of Singapore indie bands, The Super Lard Bros OST is purely a remix project. However, what both albums have in common is a free download on National Day.

The album cover by local game designer Tan Teck Lee, is a throwback to 80′s Nintendo 8-bit games like Super Mario Bros and Double Dragon.

Track listing:
1. My Grandmother Can Remix Better Than You, Fatboy!
2. Lunarin – Ariel (File Under Easy Listening remix)
3. The Great Spy Experiment – Flow (G.E.E.K remix)
4. You And Whose Army? – Misplaced (The ‘Place’ remix)
5. I \ D – Hot Boy (Meets Hot Girl remix)
6. Breakbeat Theory – Serial Killers (Love You remix)
7. DJ KoFlow – Bank St. (I Miss Her remix)
8. amberhaze – Crush (Heartbroken remix)
9. Camra – White Hearts Lane (New Shop Mode remix)

The Pale Rose of Wool by April Lee


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“The Pale Rose of Wool” is a photo exhibition by April Lee for a sound piece entitled The Setting Sun by Japanese musician Fjordne, set in a parallel universe inspired by the novel of the same name by Osamu Dazai. Encapsulating stillness, nostalgia, and the lyrical rhythm of quotidian familiarities, this collection of images seeks to explore the fragility of quiet reflections welling up from a hidden world that exists between the modern sentiments of “The Setting Sun” and the original novel set in 1947.

April is an artist and photographer, and one-half of music project aspidistrafly. She also curates the burgeoning Kitchen. imprint and has exhibited in Japan and Macau. Using the medium of film photography, April quietly articulates her own microcosm of the familiar in the everyday.

The exhibition opens 1 August at 4pm and will remain at Polymath and Crust (86 Club Street) until 31 August.

For This Cycle EP Launch


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Listen to the EP Sampler.

Hopefully everybody reads this in time because you would be terribly upset if you did something wasteful tonight, like going shopping or watching TV, when there is some good music on offer.

Launching his debut at 7pm tonight, is Weiwen Seah aka For This Cycle. Having lived in different countries around the globe, Weiwen has experienced contrasting cultures. Being influenced by artistes such as Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Teddy Geiger, and Jason Reeves, his music is inspired by everyday things.

The EP features five original songs, and the press release says it is wrapped with honest and observant lyrics and addictive pop melodies. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Roland Lim, the EP also features collaborations with local veteran guitarist Daniel Sassoon (ex-Electrico) and drum wizard Jordan Cheng (ex-Rafe). Starting off with the song “Wishful Thinking”, Weiwen’s sincere vocals make it seem like he is sitting right next to you. The EP also features “Oceans”, an energy-packed acoustic rock song, and “Paper Feet”, a sweet and catchy feel-good track.

Tonight, 7pm at scape. Tickets are at $15 (inclusive of the EP).

The Fire Fight “Henri”


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After two years of hard work, The Fire Fight will be releasing their debut full-length album “Henri”. The Fire Fight blazed onto the local music scene three years ago by earning a coveted performance slot at Baybeats 2007. Since then, they have opened for American indie-rock darlings Anberlin & Copeland, Grammy-nominated alternative rock band Switchfoot and most recently became ambassadors for Youth.SG’s national “Feed Me” campaign.

Working with local illustrator and musician Jon Chan (Plainsunset), the band has produced a visual story of Henri the bear on his journey: fourteen watercolour paintings accompany fourteen songs in a manner reminiscent of a children’s book, drawing you into the whimsical city of Elemenopee to bring you a more eclectic side of the album. The band elected to work with Jon Chan due to his ability to produce art that communicated an understated form of elegance to compliment the band’s indie outlook.

With the impassioned melodies of Joshua Tan (vocals, guitars), the modest innovative tunes of Jonathan Leong (guitars), the dynamic-compelling rhythms of Iain Tham (drums) and Jbarks (Bass), The Fire Fight combines diverse influences ranging from The Promise Ring and Maritime to Death Cab for Cutie and Jamiroquai to bring you music with a raw, early 90s indie-rock sound with a hint of modern expression.

The Fire Fight will guide you through the story of Henri the Bear -told through both album artwork and song- on 31 July, 9:30pm at the Esplanade Recital Studio. Tickets: $25 from SISTIC.

Louder Than Light


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Louder Than Light is the first independent full length album release for Wicked Aura Batucada, and features a collection of tracks that fuse Afro-Brazilian rhythms with rock, funk and pop sensibilities with much crossover appeal.

Wicked Aura is a motley crew of drummers/friends who formed pretty much to play a one-off gig at Zoukout 2003. But they stayed on and kept making more noise on the streets of Singapore.  2005 onwards saw the band incorporating vocal tracks as part of their growing repertoire of originals to diversify and expand their sound.

The track “Fight” was shortlisted for the BBC’s Top 20′s Next Big Thing in late 2007. Since that time the song – the second single released in Singapore  -  has been perfected, re-recorded and filmed, and is now gaining much attention.

Visit these stores to get your hands on this wicked release.



Post- is a final year project by Derrick Koh and Shaun Khiu, two mass comm undergraduates from the NTU Wee Kim Wee School of Communication.

Conceived between December 2008 and May 2009, Post- is a mix of genres, from post-rock to conventional rock songs, and includes elements of sound design and sampling.

“As a two-man team, we took on all duties, from conceptualization, writing, recording to production, mixing and mastering. It was insane,” Derrick adds. “Having two people to write and perform all the parts for post-rock songs is pretty much asking for pain. But we stuck with it since we were such control freaks. And the process sure as hell beat doing a PR campaign. Shaun’s brother, Leon was later enlisted to play bass on most of the tracks.”

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The EP is free for download from myspace. Nice!

Spotted! mux


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mux is a collective formed by Bani Haykal, Luqman Hakim and Siraaj Anwar; out to experiment and device new performances weaving sound design, music and text.

mux’s approach to performance deals greatly with the coexistence of lateral storytelling and layered, yet minimal, sound and music compositions. The stories they tell incorporate streams of consciousness, almost always resulting the text to become more of an ambient than a direction leading towards an end.

The collective works extensively with guitar pedals, phrase recorders, microphones and various appliances and props to generate live sound samples. Aside from sound ambient, their music works are written and arranged to allow the trio room to intensify the songs, complimenting the nature of the text and its delivery.

Within the collective, Bani Haykal writes and experiments with prose, monologues, poetry and screenplays, often exploring the bleak nature of existence intertwined with fictitious backstories and characters. Luqman Hakim performs the main musical compositions, arranging the pieces to offer fluctuating temperament accordingly. Siraaj Anwar is a sound effects manipulator whose array of props includes an electric shaver, a glockenspiel and wind chimes, creating textures of the performance.

mux has just completed a short story performance -Wally The Watchmaker- for The new Substation website. Watch their facebook page for updates.

Miso Flamingo Girl DJ Bootcamp


Miso Flamingo’s Girl DJ Bootcamp is back by popular demand for a second time this August. Held at the creative social House on Dempsey Hill, the Bootcamp returns with its mission to train aspiring girl DJs, providing support, exposure and education.

Guest lecturers include Pop My Cherry!, Analog Girl, Pushin’ On and ex-Zouk DJ Brendon P among others to be confirmed.

Twelve girls, selected through an application process, will be schooled in the roots of electronic music and learn basic practical mixing tips and tricks – from selecting their first equipment to landing their first gig.

Interested? Contact Jon Ramsay.

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