Grizzle Grind Crew drops L.O.N.S. Mixtape

(from the press release)

Singapore’s youngest hip-hop collective, Grizzle Grind Crew (GGC) drops its debut mixtape Leaders Of The New Skool today. The 9-track album will be streamed exclusively via Spotify before being available as a free download via on 30 June.

Largely produced and mixed ‘in-house’ by Crew members LINEATH and Kenneth Yong, the mixtape is mastered by Singapore music producer Don Richmond. Leaders Of The New Skool features collaborations within the Crew, showcasing tunes from individual members and as a collective unit. Our homies such as Vanessa Fernandez, Requiem, Sheeq Luna, Dee Kosh, Glen Wee, DJ Rattle, Shorya Tha Reign and Malaysia’s SonaOne (Kartel Records) lend their incredible talents to the creation of this project.

This is a landmark year where the Crew will be releasing a tremendous amount of content. Starting with its debut mixtape, individual crew members will follow up with their own releases throughout the year. LINEATH’s debut EP will drop in August, followed by Crew leader ShiGGa Shay’s full-length follow-up to They Call Me ShiGGa EP in September. Charles ENERO’s Hip-Hop trio Whereverest will put out their first EP in November. Tosh Rock and Weiliang are releasing video singles throughout 2014. The Zadon and Charles ENERO will be collaborating on an EP as well while DJ LeNERD is continuing his monthly mixtape series through his Soundcloud channel.

The boys are headlining YFest, a youth festival on this Sat 21 June at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre. Click here for details.

A special edition of the Crew’s party series Grizzle Grind Loose Juice is thrown to celebrate the release of the mixtape. The party will see the boys throw down jams from the mixtape at Bianca Supperclub @ Clarke Quay on Saturday 28 June 2014, 10pm.

The Grizzle Grind Crew is a collective of Rappers, Turntablists, Beat-boxers, Singers, Photographers, Film-makersand Designers. Officially formed in 2013, their mission statement is to champion the Hip-Hop culture and lifestyle in Singapore. Made up of individuals with their own dreams and ambitions, they believe in the collective spirit of collaboration and pushing the boundary of Singapore arts and music. Grizzle Grind Crew’s main performers are: ShiGGa Shay, DJ NashD, Charles ENERO, Tosh Rock, LINEATH, DJ LeNERD, The Zadon and Wang Weiliang.


CNY: Listen Up with Bandwagon

Bitter/Conspiracy by Charlie Lim, Fly by Vandetta, good night, green light by .gif, Future by ANECHOIS, Run While You Can by Fauxe, Territorealities by FuturaHelvetica, Send Me On  by Seyra, All We Could Ever Mean by Two Seas.

Another family visit … another round of brawls … another quiz round … so here we prescribe you eight slamming local tunes courtesy of Bandwagon. This’ll kill a good half an hour. Crank it up!


New Release! suadade by .gif

Photo by Chew Wei Shan.

weish and din make music under the name .gif, one of my favorite acts these days, and they just released a 4-track EP worth listening to from beginning to end, over and over again. I suggest you check out the stream above and judge for yourself, come back here to read the stuff from the press release, then go to their bandcamp site for immediate download.

(from the press release)

The Band

Pronounced |dot jif|, .gif is an electronic duo comprising weish (vocals, synths) and din (synths, beats, production). Being frequently occupied with other musical projects, they treat .gif as a space of freedom, respite, and honesty. Major influences include electronic acts such as The Analog Girl, Frou Frou, Thievery Corporation, and Thom Yorke. They also derive much inspiration from bands such as Alt-J and The xx, as well as many seminal Singaporean bands, such as Plainsunset and Serenaide. Much of .gif’s subject matter also draws from literature, from largely modernist writers such as Fitzgerald, Frost, and Beckett. The songs largely revolve around the modern condition and .gif aims to express these emotions in an intensely personal, and hopefully meaningful, way.

The Album

saudade is a Portuguese and Galician word that has no direct translation in English. It describes a felt emptiness or absence–a deep emotional state of nostalgic or deeply melancholic longing for an absent something or someone. It often carries the repressed knowledge that the object of longing will never return. Also described as “the love that remains”, and is the recollection of feelings, experiences, places or events that once brought excitement or pleasure. It is both a sad and happy feeling–sadness for missing and gladness for having experienced the memory.


Mountains and Tides by Pitch Feather

(from the press release)

Pitch Feather is an indie rock band piloted by Chuan and Alberta – a husband-and-wife duo with a keen DIY spirit and eagerness for artistic collaboration. Their self-produced debut full-length album “Mountains and Tides” was independently released online on 28th October.

Thematically, the 12-track album contemplates life, death, kinship, hope and love – the things that make us human. The album title represents the struggles and hardships of a journey in search of freedom, and the album is dedicated to every free spirit pursuing his/her dreams.

Elements of folk, baroque pop and almost everything in between can be heard in this album. Songs like “Painter’s Symphony” and “Lavender Girl” illustrate the band’s explorative and artistic approach to music – a principle that no two songs should ever be alike. On the album, each song is written like a soundtrack to a story, evoking vivid images in the listener’s mind.

Pitch Feather believes that people have the power to take charge of their own lives and be free. This album is a reflection of their freedom. The band writes, records, produces and promotes their own music from their home studio, remaining fully involved in the entire process of album production.

“Mountains and Tides” is available online in physical CD and digital download format.


New Release! Ava by Awk Wah

I think we can all agree that holding vinyl in your hands is very satisfying, and this translucent redwood is an absolute beauty. That sense is further enhanced and sits together well with the vibes of Ava, a new album by avant-noise and experimental electronics artist, Awk Wah.

Awk Wah’s music is based on manipulated samples and beats, and augmented by ritualistic live percussion, charting the meeting points of avant-garde, experimental, and techno music …

(from the press release)

Leaping away from the twisted monolithic vision forged in his noisy 2011 debut Opera Box, Awk Wah returns with an exquisite new work. Listening to Ava is akin to trekking through unknown territory, each track a different region of alien environment, like a grittier, more turbulent version of the Future of Sound of London’s 1994 ambient classic, Lifeforms. There is a sense of sonic adventurism that charts the meeting points of avant-garde, experimental, and techno music – comparable to what contemporary artist-producers like Raime, Helm, Lee Gamble and Jar Moff are doing.

On Ava, tracks like “Rhea”, “Oneiros”, and “Dazzling Spinoza” evoke ceremonial drums in a dark, primordial jungle; “Spineless”, “Hello On-tik”, and “Thex” raise the spectre of a dystopian industrial landscape littered with roaring furnaces; “Making Happy” and “Ominhex” are weirder still, their electronic beats an uneasy sort of dance, marking an ambiguous space between the pleasure of a groove and the ticking of a bomb. The big shifts in sound can be attributed to Awk Wah’s newfound use of the Roland SP-555 sampler in addition to his, by now, signature spider-like percussion work. Sound elements both synthetic and organic are sparsely overlaid; free rolling percussion, clangorous cymbals, nihilistic techno beats are used to compelling effect. At times, Awk Wah’s use of repetition in electronic beats, acoustic percussion – even the rhythmic feedback of a sampled radio in “Thex” – has the curious similarity to the echolocation function of sonar systems in search of an invisible intruder; there is something hypnotic about it, but equally a sense of imminent danger.

Conceptually, the album is named after Avalokitasvara – the Sanskrit form of Guanyin, Goddess of Mercy – and a word that literally means ‘perceiver of the sounds (cries) of the world’. What on a mytho-spiritual level evokes the compassion of a deity for humankind, is transposed in Ava into the sensitive act of keen listening to create vast and looming sound worlds – ones of ritualistic beats, distressed squelches, and powerful distortion. With his second album, Awk Wah cements his place as an outsider music genius, with rich insights to share with those willing to listen in to the cosmos with him.

The album is available in digital and vinyl format.


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