Creative Destruction at the Peranakan Museum

(from the press release)

In conjunction with the museum’s first contemporary installation, Luminous Depths, by the international artist Lee Mingwei, the Peranakan Museum presents a multi-faceted campaign titled Creative Destruction, which will feature three prominent Singapore musicians creating brand new works and then performing live, along with public interaction through a music production competition.

Besides exploring the idea of collecting, Luminous Depths also raises questions about connoisseurship, memory, and rebirth. The artist invites visitors to participate in his work in a unique way, inspiring them to think about objects and memories, and how both are preserved. A key element of participation is the act of tossing out and breaking a ceramic work of art created by the artist; this act symbolically (and concretely) contributes to new art.

Creative Destruction mirrors this aspect of the installation, paying tribute to the phoenix rising out of the ashes, the creation of the new out of the broken. Each of the sounds created by the breaking of the five different ceramic designs were recorded, and along with Schubert’s lied “Nacht und Träume”, are presented as samples for the public to use in creating their own original musical piece.

To show how it is done, prominent Singapore musicians – Dharma and Bani Haykal of The Observatory, Kiat from audio-visual collective Syndicate, and AION, a brand new group comprising Nick Chan (MUON), Syairazi (Monster Cat) and Vijay Singh (aka SWTLKR) – have been invited to create the first tracks for Creative Destruction; they are all bound by the rules of the competition. Each track must be at least two minutes long, and must use at least one of the six samples provided. Samples may be sonically altered however contestants wish. Each of the three Singapore artists will perform their original composition, along with a selection of their own works, at a special presentation during Night Festival 2013 at the Peranakan Museum.

Online media will play a particularly important role in Creative Destruction. The campaign “HQ” will be hosted on a micro-site. Information about the commissioned artists, the competition, and the campaign will be stored on the site until October. In addition, the Peranakan Museum has partnered with Deezer – an online streaming service with 10 million users worldwide. For the duration of the campaign, Creative Destruction will have its own online radio station on Deezer, along with a featured artist banner space on its home page as the commissioned tracks are released.

Submissions for the music production competition will be uploaded to the Creative Destruction micro site. The public can log onto the site to vote for a maximum of three entries daily. The 10 submissions with the highest number of votes will be presented in a special listening party on Friday, 13 September, at the Peranakan Museum. The winner, chosen by the artist Lee Mingwei, will be announced that night.

Until then head over to and check out the first commissioned track titled ‘Diminishing Heliographs’ by Dharma and Bani Haykal of The Observatory.

Plug these dates:

Creative Destruction Entry Submissions:
29 July to 8 September
Follow the link for details:

Creative Destruction at Night Festival 2013
Friday 30 August and Saturday 31 August, 8pm onwards at the Peranakan Museum

After Hours at the Peranakan Museum: Creative Destruction
Friday 13 September 2013, 7.30pm at the Peranakan Museum


WYWF EP by Perk Pietrek

(from the press release)

Perk Pietrek is a Singapore born DJ & Music Producer, former six times DJ Battle Champion, the Singapore DMC Vice-Champion 2010 and he is also actively part of BubbleHeads, a tropical bass duo from Singapore and Canada.

Introducing tropical bass to Singapore, Perk Pietrek have done it just right, combining fillers and killers into one EP that deserves to be well balanced. Carrying big influences from his BubbleHeads vibes yet not giving up his signature style of having strong rhythms and unique melodies, this EP is the example of a mix between how Tropical Bass can be implanted into an crowd favorite record yet still sound unique and different.

The EP consists of four tracks – Waiting, Younkers, Workflow and Fool’s Anthem – and is released on the Internet Based Record Label, Fresh Bloc Records as it’s 1st release which is now available for free download!


Strange Place To Meet by Esther Lowless + Giveaway!

(From the Press Release)

Having played for several Singapore bands, such as Indus Gendi, Monster Cat, and DEON, Esther has finally decided to embark on her music career as a solo artist under the moniker, Esther Lowless. She writes music with her 18-year-old piano, tampering incantations into fully orchestrated layers of instrumentation and vocal harmonies that translate her stories into songs. Influenced by the likes of Massive Attack, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Russian Circles, the debut EP is an interesting blend of tender piano riffs, heavy rhythms, and driving guitar lines. Emotive strings emphasize the melancholy in Esther’s music.

Separated into 6 chapters of music and film, Strange Place To Meet is a story about a simple girl, unbothered by all worldly matters. One fateful day, a visitant enters her life, and begins to haunt her relentlessly. She has no idea who the visitant is, and why the visitant has entered her life. All she knows is that she must get away.

Esther’s great love for film and music prompted an exploration of both mediums for Strange Place To Meet – based loosely on a nervous breakdown she experienced a few years ago. Inspired by Paris, Je t’aime, it occurred to Esther that her project could serve as an anthological mosaic of short films that displayed the brilliance of Singapore’s filmmakers. A collective vision of local filmmakers and cinematographers that saw the peculiar sensibilities she strived to evoke, the music films in Strange Place To Meet were made possible by Henry Hiah, Leonard Soosay, Gerald Stahlmann, Sivaraj Pragasm, Wu Jun Han, and Esther herself.

Strange Place To Meet is to be released on June 21, 9pm at the Esplanade Recital Studio. Tickets can be purchased by emailing your name, contact details, and number of tickets.We are giving away a complimentary ticket to one of our readers. Email before 14 Juni.

Apart from the launch, Esther will also be playing three acoustic sets on Baybeats Day 3 (30th June): one acoustic set at the Esplanade library at 3.30pm and two acoustic sets at the Chillout Stage at 7pm and 8.30pm.



(From the Press Release)

This sixth offering from the Syndicate imprint, BRIGHT//SHINE, marks the long-awaited release by Singaporean producer, Max Lane. The four-track EP compiles the ever-experimenting beatmakerʼs adventure into the sonic realm of head-nodding rhythms. From start to end, Max Lane manages to present his own blend of clunky yet intricate beats with pulsating basslines and modulating synth melodies.

Picking up from where he left off from his self-released The Mim Project EP (2009), Max Lane extends his homage to the late Javanese literary great, Pramoedya Ananta Toer. An audio reading excerpt from Pramoedyaʼs This Earth of Mankind is featured in the opening track, ʻDonʼt Ask My Name”. This nod to the realm of Southeast Asian literature can be found again in the ʻVoodoo Martyrʼ where you will find the processed & chopped-up voice of Singaporeʼs left-field icon, XʼHo, reading out Alfian Saatʼs “Singapore Youʼre Not My Country”.

All tracks can be streamed fully and purchased under this link. Enjoy!


Tricks & Cider EP launch + Giveaway

Check out our first taste of the Tricks & Cider  EP which will be launched next Tuesday during an intimate shophouse show at Prinsep Place.

The band is made up of three gals and a guy, and some of them quit their day jobs to focus solely on their music; Victoria Ho (lead vocals and guitar) used to write for The Business Times, Dawn Ho (bass guitar) is a lawyer, Karen Lee (backing vocals, violin and keyboard) used to work for P&G and DDB, and David Liu (drums) is an award-winning filmmaker.

Thanks to the band, we have EPs to giveaway to 3 of our lucky Singapore-based readers . All you have to do is email before 30 April 2013.

(from the press release)

The band’s varied style of easy listening scrumpy-pop is a medley of Tricks & Cider’s musical background of broadway-steeped sensibilities, music school nerds and hip-hop DJing.

The first single, Girl From Outer Space, is a rock anthem, which will take you to the down-tempo acoustic grooves of House By A Hill. There’ll also be something for video game fans, in a love song from gamer geeks everywhere: Superstar.

The Prinsep Place shophouse gig is planned to be interactive with the audience. Three giant balloons filled with confetti with Tricks & Cider’s lyrics will be bounced to the audience, who is encouraged to uncover more of the songs through discovering the lyrics within. The audience will also stand to win physical copies of the band’s EP.

The EP launch will happen at 7.15pm on April 30, at 52A Prinsep Street, #02-01, Prinsep Place. Opening acts include These Brittle Bones (Chris Jones) and Esther Low . You can also catch the band at the Waterfront @ The Esplanade on May 3 where they will be playing three sets at 7.30pm, 8.45pm and 10.00pm.


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