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This sixth offering from the Syndicate imprint, BRIGHT//SHINE, marks the long-awaited release by Singaporean producer, Max Lane. The four-track EP compiles the ever-experimenting beatmakerʼs adventure into the sonic realm of head-nodding rhythms. From start to end, Max Lane manages to present his own blend of clunky yet intricate beats with pulsating basslines and modulating synth melodies.

Picking up from where he left off from his self-released The Mim Project EP (2009), Max Lane extends his homage to the late Javanese literary great, Pramoedya Ananta Toer. An audio reading excerpt from Pramoedyaʼs This Earth of Mankind is featured in the opening track, ʻDonʼt Ask My Name”. This nod to the realm of Southeast Asian literature can be found again in the ʻVoodoo Martyrʼ where you will find the processed & chopped-up voice of Singaporeʼs left-field icon, XʼHo, reading out Alfian Saatʼs “Singapore Youʼre Not My Country”.

All tracks can be streamed fully and purchased under this link. Enjoy!


Tricks & Cider EP launch + Giveaway

Check out our first taste of the Tricks & Cider  EP which will be launched next Tuesday during an intimate shophouse show at Prinsep Place.

The band is made up of three gals and a guy, and some of them quit their day jobs to focus solely on their music; Victoria Ho (lead vocals and guitar) used to write for The Business Times, Dawn Ho (bass guitar) is a lawyer, Karen Lee (backing vocals, violin and keyboard) used to work for P&G and DDB, and David Liu (drums) is an award-winning filmmaker.

Thanks to the band, we have EPs to giveaway to 3 of our lucky Singapore-based readers . All you have to do is email before 30 April 2013.

(from the press release)

The band’s varied style of easy listening scrumpy-pop is a medley of Tricks & Cider’s musical background of broadway-steeped sensibilities, music school nerds and hip-hop DJing.

The first single, Girl From Outer Space, is a rock anthem, which will take you to the down-tempo acoustic grooves of House By A Hill. There’ll also be something for video game fans, in a love song from gamer geeks everywhere: Superstar.

The Prinsep Place shophouse gig is planned to be interactive with the audience. Three giant balloons filled with confetti with Tricks & Cider’s lyrics will be bounced to the audience, who is encouraged to uncover more of the songs through discovering the lyrics within. The audience will also stand to win physical copies of the band’s EP.

The EP launch will happen at 7.15pm on April 30, at 52A Prinsep Street, #02-01, Prinsep Place. Opening acts include These Brittle Bones (Chris Jones) and Esther Low . You can also catch the band at the Waterfront @ The Esplanade on May 3 where they will be playing three sets at 7.30pm, 8.45pm and 10.00pm.


Soul Singer-Songwriter Dru Chen’s Intentions

Any reason to listen to new music will always be welcome to us, and if that reason is an uplifting slice of 1970’s soul, so be it. Kicking off our Sunday morning is a Motown/Soul Train-inspired music video titled “You Bring Out The Best In Me” from Dru Chen’s debut record, Intentions.

The Melbourne based soul-star-in-waiting has been seducing local audiences when he hit our shores early February. Mid March he will be back for the Mosaic Music Festival, and more importantly, for the official launch of his EP at the Barber Shop.

(from the press release)

A blending of the traditional forefathers of soul with the new breed of digital musicians, Dru Chen attempts to fuse the old-school with the new-school. A multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano, violin, and bass) Dru not only played most of the instruments on Intentions EP but also wrote, arranged, produced and mixed all the songs himself at his home studio in Melbourne, Australia.

“Lovelight” is a sexy ode to romance on the dance floor. Uplifting electro-pop beats are combined with soaring rock guitar solos as Dru encourages the listener to let the chips fall where they may. “The guiding light” is the embrace and energy of young love and once again Dru throws a nod to retro soul by slyly quoting Sam Cooke’s “You Send Me” in the second verse.

“Turnaround” shows Dru’s experimental hip-hop side as he deliberately plays so far behind the beat, it almost sounds off, creating a staggering “drunk on your love” hip hop groove. Beginning with a bitter break up lyric asking “Will you find peace of mind after all we’ve been through?” the dark tune makes an optimistic turn in the chorus beckoning the ex-lover to “turn around.”

“Involved” is a passionate slow burner reminiscing about an old flame. It is written entirely in past tense as the protagonist graphically recalls “when I was involved with you, I’d run my fingertips all over your body.” The song’s hauntingly stark production is based on the SoundPrism iPhone app and was inspired by the recent indie R&B of Frank Ocean and Miguel.

The closer “Trainwrecks” is one of Dru’s earliest and most honest songwriting efforts. Composed at the tender age of 15 at the wake of a teenage breakup, the sleepless protagonist finds himself fixated on the past, “reliving all the train wrecks in my mind.” Not unlike Ray Charles’ “Drown In My Own Tears,” or even Jeff Buckley’s most soul baring moments, Dru’s wash of guitars, violins and basses sweep over this grandiose ballad.

Intentions EP Tour dates:  March 14  at the Esplanade Concourse (Mosaic Music Festival), March 15 at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre (Mosaic Music Festival) and March 16 at Barber Shop by Timbre (official EP launch).



Support DEON’s Road To Canada

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(from the press release)

Local folk-pop artist DEON has been invited to play at the prestigious Canadian Music Week 2013 this 21st March. Part of the crop of talents taking their music into foreign ground, DEON will be representing Singapore alongside local bands Inch Chua, The Sam Willows and Eli T.

Culminating with a fund-raiser at Beer Market on 3rd March 2013, the former winner of the Noise Singer-Songwriter 2011 competition and Berklee College of Music alumni will debut new songs on his hometown tour, and raise funds to make his dream of Canadian Music Week a possibility.

Charged with emotionally tuned lyrics and a lush, melodic sensibility, DEON’s songwriting explores the confines of love and life, elucidating its complexities with a voice informed in equal parts by earnestness and humility.


23 February! The Summer State releases EP

After teasing us with a music video for their single “I Do, I Don’t”, pop rock band The Summer State is set to release their self-titled EP on February 23.

What??? You didn’t see the video? Well, in that case, watch it here. The video features singer/songwriter Siti Zahidah and garnered 17,000 views within two days of its release. Yep, you read that right … 17,000!

(from the press release)

The Summer State derived its name from the term ‘summer state of mind’ which exemplifies their optimism and positive outlook.  In 2011, the band was handpicked by Dave Tan of Electrico as his apprentice under The Apprenticeship Programme (TAP) initiated by National Arts Council (NAC) and Noise Singapore.

The band’s self-titled EP is a representation of their journey, with each song a different struggle that one had to learn to overcome.The 5-tracks EP showcases the band’s musical diversity. From the gutsy “Trying Was My Only Regret”, reminiscent of modern pop/punk bands, to the groovy beats of “Hope, From The Gallows” and even a melancholic ballad “I Do, I Don’t”. The band prides itself for writing songs with unbridled honesty. The first single “Hush, We’re Taking Over” talks about one’s indecisiveness and how it’s affecting his relationship with a loved one whereas “Love, That’s What They Call It These Days” tears into society and pop culture’s definition of the word ‘love’ and how it’s so loosely used that it has lost its true meaning.

The EP launch will be held at Home Club featuring West Grand Boulevard, Trick, For This Cycle, Godzilla and Amateur Takes Control. Details here.



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