B-Quartet Needs YOU!


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With the release of their 2nd album conformity has replaced consciousness coming up,  B-Quartet needs your help. The numerically enlarged rock act is looking at developing an interactive video for one of their songs ‘a dull taste on my tongue’ which you can stream above.

You can help them out! And this is how it is going to go down.

  • Send an email to aging youth
  • You will receive the song and the lyrics
  • Pick your favorite line in the song
  • Write it on a a piece of cardboard or paper
  • Shoot a 5–10 second clip of yourself holding up the piece of cardboard or paper
  • Send the footage back to aging youth in any format (Include your full name, contact details and T-shirt size).

The footage will be edited down into a video, and you will get credit for your segment.

In addition, the band will pick their favorite entry. The winner gets one ticket to the album launch on Sunday 11 April, one limited edition B-Quartet T-shirt and one copy of conformity has replaced consciousness. Click here for more details!

Deadline for submission of footage is Thursday, 8 April.

+65 Indie Underground


Hitting the shelves today is +65 Indie Underground, a three-CD compilation documenting the D-I-Y Indie band scene from the mid 80s to present. With the success of 100 Greatest Singapore 60s: The Definitive Collection and More Singapore 60s: Treasures From The Vault, another important period in Singapore music history has now been documented.

The collection features 50 tracks in total from the following artists: Typewriter. Postbox. The Marilyns. A Vacant Affair. Amateur Takes Control. MUON. The Analog Girl. B-Quartet. The Great Spy Experiment. I Am David Sparkle. Astreal. Lunarin. Opposition Party. Ronin. Electrico. The Observatory. aspidistrafly. Serenaide. Tiramisu. Force Vomit. Plainsunset. Boredphucks. The Ordinary People. Livonia. Stroll. Psycho Sonique. Sugaflies. Stoned Revivals. Etc. Concave Scream. Kelvin Tan. The Lilac Saints. Suchness. The Mother. Stompin’ Ground. Humpback Oak. The Pagans. S.U.D.S. Padres. Watchmen. The Oddfellows. The Nonames. Convent Garden. Nunsex. Global Chaos. Twang Bar Kings. Daze. Corporate Toil. Razor’s Edge. Zircon Lounge.

For a taste of what to expect, here is an excerpt from +65 Indie Underground written by X’Ho: “Is Singapore rock alive and free at last? Growth – with stunted roots – is surely a struggle, especially where a collective mind-set is concerned. But we try … what with punk being post-punk now, firmly entrenched in the mainstream. To those who forged in the 80s, we thank and remember for sowing the seeds.”

+65 Indie Underground is available from all major stores.

Max Lane’s Mim Project


Click here to stream/purchase the tracks.

Not to be mistaken for the retired NFL player and more inspired by the academic/writer of the same name, Max Lane sets out to twist found sounds within broody beatscapes. A project still at its infant stage, the pastiche of sounds has been getting through to discerning ears in Singapore and the airwaves of New York.

The mind and the hands behind Max Lane is one of the co-founders of the elusive upp/circular collective. Being part of the self-absorbed They-Create-You-Tolerate movement, Max Lane insists on flirting with low end frequencies and paving the path of global sounds with clove cigarettes ash till the next batch of aural weapons of mass destruction is found.

The Mim Project is Max’s homage to his long lost cultural heroes. A patchwork built upon the nostalgic sounds of the Malay Archipelago, the producer cut and processed samples from 70’s nasyid and keronchong groups and even stole an interview of the late Javanese literary great, Pramoedya Ananta Toer. The sounds then get interwoven with Max Lane’s signature broody beatscapes.

This digital-only self released mini EP is propelled by Max Lane’s yearning to get his creations out to a wider audience. With the music business still as experimental as Lane’s works, and at a minimum cost of US$1, listeners will be able to name their own price for the 3-track mini EP.

Christmas Download: Peace, Love & Mistletoe


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In the midst of recording her full-length album Wallflower, Inch Chua decides to fulfil a little childhood dream: record a Christmas album. Seeing it as a great way to end off a gloomy year, the young songwriter hopes to spread some festive cheer with this release.

Backed by Allura’s guitarist Mark John Hariman on acoustic guitar, she takes on Christmas classics and gives them her own unique spin in this collection of four tunes. Besides giving the classic ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’ a little electronic twist, Inch places more prominence on the use of the ukulele. The much beloved tiny instrument is in the forefront of several tracks, giving the tunes a much upbeat and buoyant vibe.

The tune ‘Peace, Love & Mistletoe’ is an original piece written specifically for this album, featuring her loved ones and friends. As she sings in the tune: “Let’s ring up your folks and friends/And let them know you are around the bend”, affirming the joy of having family and close friends around your side during this festive season.

Peace, Love & Mistletoe is now available for free download.



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Postbox is a young 5-piece band combining pleasant sounding rhythmic indie pop that leaves you tapping your feet and clapping your hands.

After finalising their line-up by early 2007, the band tried out numerous outfits of music and found out that playing indie/alternative was their true calling. The fusion of melancholy and cheery lyrics with fruity guitar tunes, Postbox hopes to make you smile, cry and laugh!

Earlier this year, the band put out a self-titled EP at scape. The six-track release can be  picked up from The Esplanade Shops, Straits Records, Ignite Production, Roxy Records, Scape Studios, Big Ear Musica and on iTunes.

Jon Chong’s “State Of My Mind”


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One could never imagine 29-year old Jon Chong, who holds an Engineering PhD from the NUS and SMA, as the latest aspiring singer songwriter to hit the scene, releasing his debut album titled “State of My Mind’.

Having written songs for over a decade to capture and express his thoughts and experiences, Jon views music as a natural extension of who he is. In his songs, he delves honestly into the themes of life and love and why, and stirs us to consider our unique place in the world.

Jon about his music: “I strongly believe in the power of music to influence lives for the better. I strive to create music that reaches deep into the soul, leaving an indelible impression. Ultimately, I hope to inspire people, to pursue their passions and dreams by carving out their own opportunities and breaking stereotypes if necessary, and have as much fun as possible along the journey.”

The album is an eclectic mix of genres—pop, rock, blues, jazz, funk, and soul—all commonly linked by Jon’s original interpretations on the acoustic guitar.

“State of My Mind” is currently available at HMV, That CD Shop,Gramophone, CD Plus, Laser Flair, RDH and is distributed by Top2 Music Pte Ltd. The album can also be purchased online .

Dawn of the Midnight Shift


Singapore’s electronic music scene receives a long-overdue jolt, with the pitching up of a brand new afterhours party. One that was always there but never seen. A strictly invite-only party, Midnight Shift opens its doors at 1am with a musical call to the industries of the night.

Built by a team of music creatives determined to change the flaccid local party modus operandi, observe the fundamentals of a new scene in order: It’s the second wave, the encore, the b-side. For those who have just warmed up to get their bedtime fix.  International and local music souls will be playing sounds from as early as the 70s to the present (and future) with the right purpose and service to the transcendent; the Zeitgeist, the Aufhebung.

The first Midnight Shift will happen on October 23rd at sound signature Helipad. Two mysterious guest, revealed only by word-of-mouth from those in-the-know, will collaborate for the first time. Log on to mnshift.com to reserve your seats at the ringside club, and to find out who else is up on the Shift.

amberhaze: then we saw the stars again


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Here’s my on-repeat-all-morning song for the day, courtesy of KittyWu Records. The track is from Giuliano -amberhaze- Gullotti’s debut full length album which will hit the shelves today.

Recorded throughout 2008 and produced with Nick Chan at Wallwork Studios in the Spring of 2009, the album expands the sonic palette displayed on amberhaze’s Newborn EP and shapes new facets to a project in constant evolution.

According to the press kit, the album combines the lush layers of shoegaze guitars with more contemplative natural and electronic sounds. Borrowing its title from a line in Dante’s Divine Comedy, the album takes the listener on a small journey of everyday wonders. Trough these 12 soundscapes, love and passing often meet with nostalgia and hope. At times intimate and personal, the record is a diary without words, a collection of feelings and thoughts put into notes.

You can pick up the album at Straits Records, Roxy Records, and Gramophone Music Stores, or via mailorder at KittyWu’s e-shop.

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