Let’s talk about Kevin Lester

This video has been making the rounds since April with great force and for good reason. I’m sure that many of you will already be familiar with Kevin Lester’s “Rockstar” video, a collaboration with freelance videographer Yadin Mohamed and vocal scratcher Eric Foenander.  For this side project -the online free for download album “Let’s talk about Kevin Lester”- the 25-year-old rapper, songwriter and producer collaborated with local videographers and animators to challenge himself and the scene.

Kevin started out in 2002 at “Platform 2”. It was at this open mic that he enjoyed positive reviews and numerous call backs. He continued to create a buzz and scored a featuring role in local sensation, TripleNoize’ s second album; Noisy Fm.

In 2005 he joined “Bonafide Vintage Flav’r” and had commercial as well as critical success with the release of the e.p. “The BVF Project” featuring the number 1 radio hit “Feels Good”.  The group has since disbanded but Kevin took this opportunity to fulfil a career long dream. He helped form SIXX, a hip hop band played with live instruments.

The  free for download album will be soon available from facebook and myspace. Until then, enjoy the Rockstar video and soak up the Kevin Lester vibe.

Elsa X, 2 Sides

YouTube Preview Image

One-man music act Elsa X recently dropped its debut EP -2 Sides- a multimedia, experimental project aimed at raising awareness about mental illnesses and bipolar disorder.

Elsa is the culmination of months of research, planning and talking to youths suffering from mental conditions. While she is not a real person, everything represented is as real as it gets.

The music is a mix of ambient, electronic and post-rock influences, and is based around the concept of someone experiencing mental illness—in particular, the confusing and difficult world of bipolar disorder.

2 Sides is also taking on a larger multimedia experience. In collaboration with acclaimed design team Villains, the music is being put together with animated graphics and text to create an immersive online narrative about the experience of bipolar disorder.

The EP is available for download from 2sides.sg.

Desire the Creator

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Previously known as While They Were Sleeping, Great Empty is a Singaporean indie rock band formed in December 2007. Consisting of Saifudin Sapari, Zuhairi Ali, Khidir Osman and Rupak George, the group plays instrumental indie rock. Their debut EP Desire the Creator was released on March 25.

“Music is such a powerful medium to channel our deepest and most primal of emotions,” says Saifudin Sapari, the band’s spokesperson. “Our unique perspective and sonic integrity will hopefully draw people to realize that we are genuine in our approach and we aim to make a lasting impression on the global sphere of music,” he adds.

The band’s music is available for free download, and physical copies can be pre-ordered on the site. A limited run of the six-track CDEP is available along with exclusive artwork and illustration.

Discreet Music by Aiwei

Find two more tracks here.

Aiwei of seeyoutomorrow just released a 12-track music album, called ‘Discreet music’, a composition of electro clash with odd beat soundscapes at times, partially melodic.

“The tracks are called discreet, because ever since I have completed them in 2008, they have never surfaced, until now,” Aiwei explains. “The music was created mostly based on my visualisation on how to achieve a good drawing, which is about the line, dot and its surface. The musical notes have been treated as lines, dots and surfaces.”

The CD’s are handmade, and run in limited quantities. You can pick up a copy from the little dröm store.

upp/circular drops upp/001


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upp/circular, the self-proclaimed ‘We-Create-You-Tolerate’ collective celebrates their second year in existence with a digital-only release compilation. Despite adorning various masks, the group of five eventually settled down with an identity each, selected a track or two and now they are serving them on a hidden shelf of e-commerce as upp001.

The production rat pack – EpikMotion, Rora Realis, Max Lane, Christen Danse and Eye of Horus – is a bunch that refuses to be pigeon-holed into any categories. With close to a decade of experience individually as DJs/producers/musicians under various guises, this new line-up of altered-egos is going back to basics with beats, bass, synths & samples.

To sum it up, upp001 is a culmination of rhythmic patterns, buzzing basslines, modulating synths and processed samples.

All tracks are streamed fully and can be purchased here, and listeners will be able to name their price for the 8-track compilation.

B-Quartet Needs YOU!


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With the release of their 2nd album conformity has replaced consciousness coming up,  B-Quartet needs your help. The numerically enlarged rock act is looking at developing an interactive video for one of their songs ‘a dull taste on my tongue’ which you can stream above.

You can help them out! And this is how it is going to go down.

  • Send an email to aging youth
  • You will receive the song and the lyrics
  • Pick your favorite line in the song
  • Write it on a a piece of cardboard or paper
  • Shoot a 5–10 second clip of yourself holding up the piece of cardboard or paper
  • Send the footage back to aging youth in any format (Include your full name, contact details and T-shirt size).

The footage will be edited down into a video, and you will get credit for your segment.

In addition, the band will pick their favorite entry. The winner gets one ticket to the album launch on Sunday 11 April, one limited edition B-Quartet T-shirt and one copy of conformity has replaced consciousness. Click here for more details!

Deadline for submission of footage is Thursday, 8 April.

+65 Indie Underground


Hitting the shelves today is +65 Indie Underground, a three-CD compilation documenting the D-I-Y Indie band scene from the mid 80s to present. With the success of 100 Greatest Singapore 60s: The Definitive Collection and More Singapore 60s: Treasures From The Vault, another important period in Singapore music history has now been documented.

The collection features 50 tracks in total from the following artists: Typewriter. Postbox. The Marilyns. A Vacant Affair. Amateur Takes Control. MUON. The Analog Girl. B-Quartet. The Great Spy Experiment. I Am David Sparkle. Astreal. Lunarin. Opposition Party. Ronin. Electrico. The Observatory. aspidistrafly. Serenaide. Tiramisu. Force Vomit. Plainsunset. Boredphucks. The Ordinary People. Livonia. Stroll. Psycho Sonique. Sugaflies. Stoned Revivals. Etc. Concave Scream. Kelvin Tan. The Lilac Saints. Suchness. The Mother. Stompin’ Ground. Humpback Oak. The Pagans. S.U.D.S. Padres. Watchmen. The Oddfellows. The Nonames. Convent Garden. Nunsex. Global Chaos. Twang Bar Kings. Daze. Corporate Toil. Razor’s Edge. Zircon Lounge.

For a taste of what to expect, here is an excerpt from +65 Indie Underground written by X’Ho: “Is Singapore rock alive and free at last? Growth – with stunted roots – is surely a struggle, especially where a collective mind-set is concerned. But we try … what with punk being post-punk now, firmly entrenched in the mainstream. To those who forged in the 80s, we thank and remember for sowing the seeds.”

+65 Indie Underground is available from all major stores.

Max Lane’s Mim Project


Click here to stream/purchase the tracks.

Not to be mistaken for the retired NFL player and more inspired by the academic/writer of the same name, Max Lane sets out to twist found sounds within broody beatscapes. A project still at its infant stage, the pastiche of sounds has been getting through to discerning ears in Singapore and the airwaves of New York.

The mind and the hands behind Max Lane is one of the co-founders of the elusive upp/circular collective. Being part of the self-absorbed They-Create-You-Tolerate movement, Max Lane insists on flirting with low end frequencies and paving the path of global sounds with clove cigarettes ash till the next batch of aural weapons of mass destruction is found.

The Mim Project is Max’s homage to his long lost cultural heroes. A patchwork built upon the nostalgic sounds of the Malay Archipelago, the producer cut and processed samples from 70’s nasyid and keronchong groups and even stole an interview of the late Javanese literary great, Pramoedya Ananta Toer. The sounds then get interwoven with Max Lane’s signature broody beatscapes.

This digital-only self released mini EP is propelled by Max Lane’s yearning to get his creations out to a wider audience. With the music business still as experimental as Lane’s works, and at a minimum cost of US$1, listeners will be able to name their own price for the 3-track mini EP.

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