See you in January!


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Time to go off-grid, unplug and recharge.

See you in two weeks.

Grab a Seat at The Working Capitol + Giveaway

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Images by Jovian Lim. Art Direction by Foreign Policy Design.

Although you might be comfortable working from your bedroom, a coffee shop or the library, there are days when you just want a dedicated space to work from and meet interesting people by simply working alongside them during the day.

Yes, we are talking a co-working environment. Housed in a former 1920s biscuit factory along the historic Keong Saik Road, The Working Capitol is a new co-working space designed to “incite creativity and ideas development”.

“The Working Capitol is about community, and finding and making ways of helping the community get to work. The support systems breed a cross-pollination of ideas, between individuals and across businesses, and the open spaces provide a platform for people to come together to discover, create, and collaborate. Sections of the space are demarcated as private offices, fixed and free working desks, and meeting rooms, but there is plenty of room for daily interaction and conversation amongst all members. Amenities range from the standard facilities, to administrative, secretarial, and community services. We also have our own café which is perfect for casual gatherings, lunch meetings, networking sessions, and after-work parties, or simply for short breaks or a quick bite. There is also a dedicated events space open to lifestyle brands, corporates and agencies, coupled with an exciting lineup of additional F&B establishments.”

You can choose how you work and some of the options include the Workspot – the ideal desk for freelancers – a more permanent Workdesk in a quiet zone or the Workspace, a private, dedicated space for teams of two to eight people. I strongly suggest you book a tour to figure out all of the details.

Anyways, the good folks at TWC hit us up with two month passes at a Workspot desk. Email  if you want to plant your tuckus on a hot spot for a month  … free of charge. Update! We have two winners. More luck next time.


See You in January!

Image via netpublicator.

Time to strap ourselves in and get the car rolling! It’s Christmas week, and while that predominantly means family-induced ennui, festive crap, lame games, hangover marathons and aching heads, we have been looking ahead to two blissful weeks of being useless.

Now strap the tree to the car roof, sit back and shut up!

See you in January!

Image source unknown.

✔ Dust the somersault trophies cabinet
✔ Fertilize the mini-golf course
✔ Water and sharpen the mother-in-law’s tongue
✔ Feed the wind up galloping goose
✔ Refill the water guns
✔ Slam the door shut. Kill the lights.

Everything checked, yeah ? Yeah ?? Good!
Now crack open the igloo-gel-flocken-swizzles and let’s get on with all sorts of year-end jollity.

Bottoms up you gorgeous lot and don’t misbehave. See you in January!

See you in January!

Image: Leanna Maksymiuk


Culturepush is now off for its holibobs.

Three cheers for the crazy-good creatives of 2012!


And to paraphrase Jimi Hendrix, we will go on and be crazy next year.

Craziness is like heaven.

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