D#, Design in Singapore’s Music Scene





Earlier this year Design Says Hello collaborated with Indigo Child Agency on project D# (pronounced D Sharp), a  visual presentation of Singapore’s talented designers in the music industry. The project was showcased early March on the rooftop of the National Design Centre as part of Singapore Design Week 2017.

“The intention of the project was to create a deeper conversation on the importance and role of design in the process of artist branding and development,” Design Says Hello founder ZIQQ explains. “The featured film was the aftermath of many weeks of planning, filming and editing – all so that we can give a spotlight on this very niche and unique aspect of design in music. We can only hope that this film opens up many more conversation about the role of design in the context of our progressive country that is Singapore.”

“In recent years, we’ve seen Singapore music grow to be one that is vibrant, full of individualism and improvisation. As the spotlight shines on our current musicians and artists, we hope D# will impress upon and amplify the works of our talented designers here in Singapore.” – Daniaal Adam of Indigo Child.



The Future of Nostalgia by Jessica Han

the future of nostalgia-1

the future of nostalgia-2

“In the future where time does not exist, people do not age, or die. A girl finds herself piecing and sewing together the last remnants of her memory with things that are familiar to her, and wears them like skin, as she slowly loses her memory.”

The Future of Nostalgia is a graduating fashion film project by Jessica Han. You can view it at The LASALLE show exhibition 2017 which runs from 19 May until 31 May.

Filmed, edited and styled by Jessica Han, Costume Design by Hadi Hayat, Hair and Make up by Nur Syazana, Assistant and equipment by Jerry Frankland.


Paper Roof, A Thesis Short Film





From 6 through 21 May, the graduates of NTU ADM will present their final projects at the ADM SHOW 2017. Showcasing work from Digital Animation, Digital Filmmaking, Interactive Media, Photography and Digital Imaging, Product Design and Visual Communication, the celebration at 81 Nanyang Drive opens on 5 May at 7pm.

Today we chat with Judith Tong, BFA Digital Filmmaking, about Paper Roof, a 10-minute short film about two young sisters running away from trouble at home to build a cardboard house together …

“Paper Roof highlights the intricacy of sisterly relationships and sees the world through the eyes of the children, and how they take things into their own hands when faced with family problems. In modern day Singapore where so many things, like technology and social media are constantly vying for our attention, I want to highlight a prevailing issue of children experiencing emotional neglect at home. Parents often spend long hours at work and leave their children to the hands of grandparents, domestic helpers or even by themselves. There has always been a constant struggle for kids to have their thoughts heard by their parents, especially in our Asian context. Through this film, I wish to share the unheard voices of children and shed light on this societal issue. Over the past seven months, I interviewed close friends and strangers who have experienced forms of emotional neglect at home. Some of them also share interesting relationships with their sisters, and I used them as inspirations to weave genuine moments into the story.”

Core crew behind Paper Roof

Director: Judith Tong
Producer: Evon Kua
Cinematographer: Jeth Heng
Gaffer: Benedict Lo
Production Designer: Evelyn Ng
Editor: Shermaine Chan
Sound Supervisor: Brenda Jean Yong
Project Mentor: Nicole Midori Woodford

Support the film on Indiegogo.


Animated Sundays: Afterline

YouTube Preview Image

A story by Afiq Danial Sham, Keng Chia Jin, Tan Mei Qi, Nursyafiqah Binten Jusman, Serene Lee Si Yun, Muhammad Khairulnizam, Yee Si Jie, Wong Kin Key
Singapore Polytechnic

“Mei Ling is a ghost, who wanders a hospital, searching for something. One night, she chances upon a mysterious figure, who escorts other souls of the departed to the AfterLife. Believing that this Grim Reaper is her way out of her problem, she follows him around the hospital as he reaps his souls, seeking his help. However, there is more to Mei Ling’s condition than meets the eye…”


Animated Sundays: Mamma Mia

YouTube Preview Image

Mamma Mia
A story by Choo Wen Xin, Eugene Yeoh, Pamela Lai, Sharon Mok
Singapore Polytechnic

“A hungry girl, Mia, attempts to steal bread from the grumpy baker. After several failed attempts she finally sees an opportunity to achieve her goal.”


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