Spotted! Stanley Xu Ruiyang

Introducing 22-year-old Stanley Xu Ruiyang, a Ngee Ann Polytechnic graduate with a Diploma in Film, Sound and Video. “My journey in moving images started when I was 15. I was watching an NBA highlight video on my PSP, and was amazed at how the combination of visuals and music could get me so excited. I started to learn video editing using the internet. I then went on to study Digital Audio at Video Production at ITE College East and I completed my Diploma in Film, Sound and Video at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.”

Intrigued by family dynamics and inspired by Japanese philosophy and aesthetics, Stanley concentrates on “exploring the depth of the human condition from an objective perspective, with subtle and unobtrusive beauty. Reflecting on the universal truth about our existence, the sad yet beautiful transience of life.” 

In 2015, he directed his first short titled “BLK 401” for the ciNE65 III short film competition. “The film was nominated for multiple categories including Best Film and Audience Favourite. I eventually received the Best Editing award in the student category.”

Soon after, he directed two more films, Mother and Lullaby“Mother was part of the Temasek 20/20 Short Film Project in collaboration with mm2 entertainment, which premiered at the 20th Vancouver Asian Film Festival and was selected to compete at the 22nd Caminhos Film Festival in Portugal. I made Lullaby in collaboration with Honour Singapore as part of a school project when I was at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. The film toured several international film festivals, including the 36th Hawaii International Film Festival, and was selected to compete at the 4th SalaMindanaw Asian Film Festival.”


Animated Sundays: Show and Tell

YouTube Preview Image

Show and Tell
Script & Story by Omnom Production, Directed by Lee Min Ru, Produced by Chen JinMei
Singapore Polytechnic

“Charlie has a timid demeanour where he is afraid of the judgemental stares from others. He tries to avoid interactions from his classmates. However, he was tasked to perform for “Show and Tell” which made his fear for public presentation become his worse nightmare.”

Animated Sundays: ME

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A story by Venty, Andrea Seah, Rachael Lee, Tay Yu
Singapore Polytechnic

“Me is the story of a jealous clown who did something irrevocable.”

Animated Sundays: Night of the Un-date

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Night of the Un-date
A story by Lucas Tan, Dinie Quak, Chen Guanghui, Dong Yuchi, Megan Chang, Alicia Ng, Lee Yang
Singapore Polytechnic

“Soh Boni is an average skeleton, living in an average underworld. He somehow manages to clinch a date with a human girl, and happily prepares for it. But during the date, unexpected problems crop up due to his unique position, and Boni must overcome all odds to get the love of his life.”

Animated Sundays: The Greed That Went Wrong

The Greed That Went Wrong
Geraldine Toh Yih Jia, Director, Animator, Editor, Concept Artist – Arjun Amirthakumar, Animator, Concept Artist – Astrid Emeralda, Animator, Concept Artist – Leo Taylor, Sound Designer and Sound Editor
Lasalle, College of the Arts

“A vain forest sprite, Aura, who brightens the forest at night, got jealous when she faced competition from The Tree of Light woke up. Unable to control herself, she lost herself to greed and envy as she consumed the forest, facing the ultimate consequence.

The Greed That Went Wrong is a student film done in May 2016, as a 2nd year project. It was done by combined efforts of 3 animation students from Lasalle College of the Arts, while they were in school, and 1 freelancer sound designer, who is now currently a Lead Sound Designer at Portalarium. The film was heavily inspired by Disney Fantasia (1928). We were very keen to focus on a forest sprite, which was negative and greedy unlike most forest sprites depicted. Furthermore, after playing a video game, called Botanticula by Amanita Designs, so we pushed to create a dreamy landscape yet it is not as peaceful as it seems. As 2D animators, we are using a French animation software called Paint to animate our characters and background, to paint our environment, we used Adobe Photoshop. Then lastly we use Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro to composite and polish our film. Adobe Audition for editing sounds and music. In total, we spent about 17 weeks on the project, including conceptual designs.”

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