Joanna Lim’s SS18 BASADUNG Collection







Earlier this week, the six finalists of the Harper’s Bazaar Asia New Gen Fashion Award 2017 sent their collections down the catwalk at Singapore Fashion Week SS18.

LASALLE graduate Joanna Lim presented a ready-to-wear collection around the theme of identity.

“I studied a specific minor ethnic group in Hainan, China – the Li Basadung Tribe. Women in Li Tribe tattoo their face with geometric lines in reference to Hoopoe bird, which have stripes on their feathers. Many cultures around the world practice body modification, as a form of identity, in the form of personal or a culture group. Body modification appears to have integrated into our personal identity. The face is arguably the most significant part of the body across all cultures. We wear our identity upfront through the modifications to our skin. and tell the people who we are through visual aspects. Instead of clothing, these modifications are our first skin. Tattoo is not only a painful process, but also a bloody grotesque procedure. However, you will see the workmanship and the intricacy of each tattoo design in the aftermath. Tattooing on facial features allows them to differentiate themselves from other tribes and at the same time, creating a unique identity for themselves.

The collection uses various combinations of textile manipulations that merge the uniqueness of an identity with elements of the future. Laser cutting techniques combined with digital printings and Swarovski crystals embellishments were used to achieve the textures of the collection. Each dotted lines resulted of the tattoo motif reflects an individual’s lifestyle and behaviour. This concept aims to remind individuals who we really are. It is the idea of embracing our identity. After all, our face is the most significant part of an identity.”


Spotted! Harng Foong

the ubin sighting

The Ubin Sighting (Sculpture)


Atopos (Performance Art and Installation Art)


The Two Bags (Performance Art)

sticker spam

Sticker Spam (Visual Art)

YouTube Preview Image

Costume Design for JAWN’s Fade to Black MV

YouTube Preview Image

Costume Design for Charlie Lim’s Light Breaks In MV

Harng Foong graduated from the School of Art, Design and Media (NTU) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication in 2014. He believes designed experiences through visual art and design, are the way to go. His work is a riot of patterns, prints, textiles, installation and production design, and experimental interactions are his way to integrate the audience into his work.


Coup de Coeur by Cody Chua

coup de coeur-1

coup de coeur-2

coup de coeur-3

coup de coeur-4

Time is on your side with these automatic watches from Coup de Coeur. Founder Cody Chua loves horology, a passion that began at a young age.

“I love the intricate world of mechanical movements but they often come at exorbitant prices. With Coup de Coeur, I wanted to create an affordable and sound alternative,” Cody tells us.

The brand utilises the 24 jewels Japan automatic movement and has a triple-hand date function. Add a swap-out-the-strap option to it and you’ve got yourself a time-telling piece that isn’t going to break the bank.

”Watches need a personal touch, which is why I keep swapping the straps on my watches. It is not that easy to find a leather craftmaker in Singapore. And when you do, the prices are high, reason being that leather straps cater to watches for the high-end market. It makes sense of course that people who purchase high-end watches are willing to spend 10% of the total value of the watch on the strap.”


Banner Shuffle! CAVALIER


In its 8th season, CAVALIER reconnects with mother nature and the animal kingdom: 3D crocodile scales and a crocodile jaw complete with teeth,  pieces inspired by the shape and flow of jellyfish and the spotted eagle stingray, Grizzly and Panther paws and the wings of the magical Macaw and Condor.


The Future of Nostalgia by Jessica Han

the future of nostalgia-1

the future of nostalgia-2

“In the future where time does not exist, people do not age, or die. A girl finds herself piecing and sewing together the last remnants of her memory with things that are familiar to her, and wears them like skin, as she slowly loses her memory.”

The Future of Nostalgia is a graduating fashion film project by Jessica Han. You can view it at The LASALLE show exhibition 2017 which runs from 19 May until 31 May.

Filmed, edited and styled by Jessica Han, Costume Design by Hadi Hayat, Hair and Make up by Nur Syazana, Assistant and equipment by Jerry Frankland.


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