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We spotted Samuel Lee’s work at the Fireflies group exhibition that is running at Flor Patisserie until the end of the month.

Samuel is an illustrator with a Diploma in Animation from Nanyang Polytechnic. He is a MediaCorp Gold Medal winner, a recipient of the MediaCorp Award for Outstanding Project, and his work has been showcased both locally and internationally.

More about Samuel on his site and on instagram.


Lest We Forget by Jamie Teo

lest we forget-3

lest we forget-1b

lest we forget-2a

lest we forget-2b

lest we forget-2c

Embroidery artist and Arts Manager Jamie Teo tells us that she has an interest in the preservation and documentation of heritage, finding a way to let the past live in the present.

Her latest project, “Lest We Forget, is inspired by the memories of her maternal grandmother. “It highlights the idea of remembrance – lest I forget who you are and lest you forget who you are. Going against the ‘Great Man’ theory, I seek to prove the influence of any and every individual. I am always uncontrollably brought to tears when I speak of my grandmother and by way of making the linoleum plates, I carved out the imprint she has left on me through every passing day. This work seeks to prove the importance of personal histories and to give voice to individual narratives. This is my act of remembrance.”

Lest We Forget was created during a five months mentorship programme under the tutelage of Joseph Chiang of Monster Gallery and will be shown at the Working Proofs: Young Printmakers League exhibition from 16 June to 30 June.


Tiffany Yao at the Faber-Castell Art Festival





© Faber-Castell Singapore

We spotted these beautiful illustrations at the Faber-Castell Art Festival in Marina Square. They’re drawn by Tiffany Yao using polychromos coloured pencils, and are part of her 守 series on display at the festival.

“For the show titled  守 SHOU -to guard or guardianship- I created a range of iconic and nostalgic local household products and food items which mainly appeal to the Chinese community,” Tiffy tells Culturepush. ” In each piece, hands (手 -shou rhymes with the title), are holding onto the items symbolizing heritage and a humble lifestyle of a Singaporean in the neighborhood.”

The Arts Festival runs until June 4 at the Marina Square Central Atrium. Check it out!


Kult Kollab by Kult x DPi




(from the press release)

Kult Studio & Gallery collaborates with local production house, Design & Print International (DPi), to launch a new merchandise collection. Kult Kollab translates art from street artists around the world into wearables, pushing the boundaries of art and fashion.

The creative team headed the selection of the artworks, choosing ones that conveyed Kult’s energy and edge.

“It was intensively challenging – like making us pick our favourite kids! As our database is really extensive, with full of fresh art from urban artists all around the world, we decided to select pieces that have bold colours and imagery that really pops out. We want the art to be the first thing you spot in a crowded space,” says Kult’s Art Director, Alicia Wee.

The collection features a total of seven items – three t-shirts, two dresses and two caps showing the art of Russell Ong (SGP), Russell Taysom (GBR), Kittozutto (SGP), Lee Juyong (KOR), Mojoko (SGP), Mightyellow (SGP).

The launch will take place as part of Multiply: A Majestic Playground from 27 to 28 May at the New Majestic Hotel.


Open Circuits, LASALLE’s BA (Hons) Fine Arts Graduation Show

An Element of Unknown

An Element of Unknown (becoming microbe) by Becky Ng Qi Jie (Video still)
©Lasalle College of the Arts

Sempadan Rumah

Sempadan Rumah by Arif Jumat (Recycled found objects)
©Lasalle College of the Arts

Fishmonger's Dream

Fishmonger’s Dream by Fiona Koh Li Ping (Mixed Media on newsprint)
©Lasalle College of the Arts


Catastrophe by William Kung (Oil on Canvas)
©Lasalle College of the Arts

Access Excess

Access Excess by Desiree Puey (Mixed media installation)
©Lasalle College of the Arts

Golden Staircase

Untitled (Golden staircase) by Priyageetha (Laser print on photopaper)
©Lasalle College of the Arts

Today we would like to offer you a first look at some of the works that will be part of Open Circuits, a show presenting the works by LASALLE’s BA(Honours) Fine Arts graduating batch . Open Circuits opens this Thursday and runs until May 4 at LASALLE’s Winstedt Campus.

“The exhibition is an amalgamation of creativity, located right at the student artists’ studios themselves. As the title Open Circuits suggest, the exhibition brings forth the dynamic and raw energy of individual artists from diverse backgrounds, a documentation of the electrifying constellation of shared ideas and influences that are, like all open circuits, potential for all kinds of future possibilities.”



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